Manage your candidate relationship management system more effectively with these quick and easy tips

Using a candidate relationship management system offers many advantages to help streamline your recruitment processes, leaving you free to focus your time away from some of the admin, which although is extremely important can be time consuming. A good candidate relationship management system when used effectively will help boost your success rates and improve performance.

Here are three tips to help you get more from your candidate relationship management system

Stay in touch

In today’s world there’s so many ways to stay in touch and in recruitment it’s essential for success. Make sure you have all the necessary contact details for your candidates and recruiters so you can easily make calls, send appointment reminders, send emails and texts. With cloud-storage facilities, all of this data can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection so you’re not confined to the usual office opening hours to send your communications.

Create friendly automated emails and schedule them to go out at appropriate times, to stay in touch, get feedback, send reminders and follow-ups. By staying in touch with regular contact you deliver a professional, organised service and your brand gets regular exposure, recognition and loyalty. A good CRM helps you manage communication with past, present and future candidates.

If a candidate has been unsuccessful but you have details of their skills, availability and know what sort of vacancy they’re looking for, you can immediately go back to them when something more suitable comes along. You can set alerts to contact candidates who have previously interacted with you. The names in your database are a huge resource for you to make use of. Building up the database is essential, so getting good referrals and making use of social media integrations is not only a great way to stay in touch but helps your satisfied customers put the word out for your business.

Streamline administrative tasks

By using templates and stored documents not only do you reduce time spent on administration but having a bank of templates for your members to use means the branding and tone of communications is consistent and more likely to be accurate. Once templates have been customised and approved by your management team you can quickly and easily add the details that need to be inserted for each candidate or recruiter. These can be generated and sent out where necessary without repetitive pieces of information having to be collated each time.

This improves communication efficiency and creates a professional and organised impression, meaning that you’re more likely to get repeat business and also referrals from satisfied customers. In today’s connected world it’s important to make sure you’re generating a good impression as it’s quick and easy for people to boost or damage your reputation.

Improve performance with your candidate relationship management system

With so many powerful tools available in a good CRM you can use the data to run various reports and measure success. This includes searching through candidates’ CVs and recruiters’ vacancies to find good matches using keyword searches; checking where referrals have been made to see how recruiters and candidates are finding you; checking through customer activity and history; tracking where there are new opportunities; understanding where there’s room for improvement and how what’s working well can be replicated elsewhere.

Monitoring the success of your team and your marketing efforts means you can reward success or make changes to make sure that your business is getting the results it needs.

These are just three quick tips to help you get the most out of your CRM system. With regular training and ongoing support for your team you’ll discover many more ways that you can use different functions to help your business grow. Training your team will show them how to make the most of the database functions so you can learn how to use your records, sending bulk messages or tagging records, either with pre-selected skills and qualifications or for storing documents so they can be quickly and easily retrieved. Discover how to integrate your diary and emails so you can send out timely communications and make sure you, your recruiters and candidates never miss a deadline again.