Many new trends in the recruitment industry involve innovations in software solutions. New advances in software are enabling recruiters to function efficiently and effectively, recruiting and placing more candidates, which leads to a more productive and profitable business. New trends in software involve cloud-based solutions, temporary, contract and permanent recruitment desks, website integration, GDPR compliance tools, diary and email integration and targeted activity.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Whereas once recruitment software in the UK would be downloaded and installed on hardware, there is now a trend for recruitment companies to opt for cloud-based software solutions. With the growth of flexible and remote working, cloud-based recruitment software provides companies with much-needed flexibility. Recruitment companies can avoid the expense and negative aspects of on-premise solutions, and this is particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies. Cloud-based solutions provide recruiters with access to CRM data at any time, from any device with an internet connection.

Top Recruitment Trends

Website Integration

There is a trend towards using recruitment software with website integration. It is now possible to use recruitment software which offers possibilities ranging from simple instant vacancy pages and blueprint website options to bespoke website solutions, WordPress plugins and API solutions. Website integration options can be, in many instances, tailored to specific requirements and integrated with the recruitment database, meaning vacancies can be posted online fast, saving time and in some circumstances, saving on the expense of using external web developers.

GDPR Compliance Tools

The recent changes in GDPR regulations have caused extra work for companies in many industries. But there are software solutions that mean it doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s obvious to see why there is a trend towards recruitment businesses using recruitment software which has everything needed to stay compliant. The right software can help find duplicates and merge records together, keep on top of databases and even provide free GDPR-compliant email templates to be sent out to contacts automatically.

Diary And Email Integration

Keeping on top of diary appointments and email correspondence is vital for a successful recruitment company. Recruiters are now opting for software which can offer diary and email synchronisation in order to cut time switching between systems and improve reliability.

Targeted Activity

Advances in recruitment software in the UK have brought facilities to view conversion ratios, review and identify top billing clients, recognise development and training needs and review daily activity and how it can equate to future revenue. Recruitment companies are able to use real-time data and reporting to enable employees to make accurate decisions.

Trends arise because recruiters need to function efficiently, so they are opting more and more for software, which includes features such as those outlined above. The benefits are that employees are able to save time, work flexibly and easily adhere to guidelines. Ultimately, using such software allows recruitment businesses to be more productive and effective and therefore more profitable.