In days gone by, most recruitment agencies would go through reams of paper, with CVs, adverts, reports and timesheets to be collated, faxed and posted to clients and their workers. As the internet became ubiquitous and database software fell in price and grew in reliability, much of this paper was eliminated.

Fast-forward to the current marketplace, where increasing numbers of recruiters are moving away from the old systems and implementing cloud-based systems. This can help to unleash some of the old shackles.

recruitment software

Cloud-based systems

Unlike a more traditional piece of database software, web based recruitment software enables businesses to access critical information anywhere they have internet access and on a wide variety of devices.

Whether working with temporary, permanent or contract recruitment – or even a mixture of the different recruitment disciplines – there will be web based recruitment software designed to fulfill your needs.

Increased productivity

In the days prior to the advent of web based systems, a recruiter visiting a client to discuss their needs would have had to return to their office to mail out details to their prospects for the appointment. Using a cloud-based system, the recruiter could communicate with job-hunters whilst on the train back to the office or even use their software to bring up details of prospective employees and introduce them to the client in their office. The use of this software gives recruiters access to your entire database wherever they are, giving them the time and power to work whenever they are connected to the internet.

Better communication channels

With increased connectivity to the business critical systems, clients and candidates can be contacted from remote locations. The days of printing off details prior to leaving the office are gone. In a similar vein, a recruiter does not need to prepare a range of shortlists before a client meeting based on anticipating their needs; instead, as they are connected to the database, they can use it to ensure all relevant candidates are considered.

Automation can help save time

With cloud-based recruitment software, many of the time-consuming and mundane tasks that take up time that could be better spent elsewhere can be automated. Timesheet collation, emailing reminders to candidates and feedback emails to clients are all important jobs that can be scheduled and automated within the software, leaving recruiters free to complete other jobs and increase their productivity.

Add to this the fact that the software can be used anywhere and the benefits of the web-based systems begin to sell themselves.

The always-available nature of web-based recruitment software makes it a massive selling point for recruiters who need to travel to meet clients on a regular basis. Given the other time-saving aspects of these platforms and the cross-platform availability, cloud-based software can help a business to grow in scale rapidly.