Recruitment Software as a Service means access anywhere, at any time for Amida

Amida began their journey nearly a decade ago in 2009. As a start-up, the agency sought a recruitment software solution that was adaptable, scalable and that would fit into its budget without compromising on its service offering and functionality. Having grown to be a truly international business – with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East – Armida now has more than 40 Chameleon-i users spread across the globe.

Amida Managing Director, Aaron George says: “As a completely self-funded and independently owned recruitment agency for the Construction, Engineering & Property sectors, we started as a small agency, but one with large ambitions. When looking at Recruitment Software providers we were pretty specific in our needs and it may be said quite demanding – luckily Chameleon-i was able to tick nearly all the boxes.”

One of the requirements that Amida was looking for was that the solution had to be completely cloud-based. With the agency looking to expand globally, it could not afford to be tied down by on-prem hardware, which would continuously need to be upgraded and moved around as the number of users increased.

The Chameleon-i database software has also been designed and built to assist busy companies like Amida by including numerous time saving features which streamline many of the day to day recruitment processes. Along with that, the solution also comes pre-integrated with leading industry services which add to the everyday functionality.

“The great thing about Chameleon-i was the fact that there were no up-front fees, nor was there any need to change our IT structure, as it is a completely cloud-based solution accessed via a web browser,” adds Aaron.

“As well as having the challenge of working across continents, good recruiters don’t work office hours. Chameleon-i allowed us to work from anywhere, at any time and that flexibility has been a major factor in our rapid growth. We can just do more and are able to adapt to the constantly changing landscape and are super responsive in helping our clients and candidates achieve their goals, without being tied to legacy software and appliances.”

To find out how the Chameleon-i solution can benefit your business please take advantage of our 30-day free trial or alternatively contact us on 01483 600370