2-Part SMS Services

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Want to send single SMS text messages or bulk SMS text messages directly through Chameleon-i? You can, we have partnered with Icetrak to offer this discreet but effective type of communication.

[columns][column]2-Way or 1-Way SMS text messaging
For occasions when you don’t need to have a conversation with the candidate and just want a simple text back reply the 2-way service is ideal. Replies get routed back to the consultant’s email and importantly, also stored on the corresponding Chameleon-i record. If you don’t want or need text back replies then the 1-way service is all you need.[/column]

2 Part Messaging
Tradionally text messages have had a charactor limit of 160, now with Icetraks 2 Part service you can send extended text messages to your clients and candidates, great for adding that little bit of detail about a vacancy you are working on for example.

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To find out more Chameleon-i’s SMS service with our partner Icetrak please give us a call on +44 (0)1483 600 370 or to book an online demonstration of our recruitment software fill in a request form via this link.

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