Many businesses are using out-of-date recruitment agency software which means, that they miss out on the benefits of having a fit-for-purpose, current system that integrates all of the existing potential benefits available on the market.

Great Recruitment Agency Software Makes The Difference

Efficient, high-performing businesses invariably invest in top-quality software packages that give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Recruiters in particular need to be able to offer efficient, quick and accurate experiences to clients and candidates alike. Without this, clients will look for better agencies, and candidates will recommend other recruiters to each other and apply via other agencies – where they know they will have the best possible experience.

So how do you know if it is time to upgrade your recruitment software? Here are just three signs to watch out for:

  1. You Don’t Know Where Your Business Is At.

If you can’t track your business metrics, then you are behind the curve when it comes to understanding your operational data. It’s virtually impossible to run a high-performing, efficient business if you don’t know where your business is at. How can you manage your strategic KPIs if you don’t have information at your fingertips? The right recruitment agency software will give you these essential insights and set you up for success – giving your managers the data they need to make better decisions.

  1. You Aren’t Retaining Clients.

The right recruitment software will help you to deliver better outcomes for your clients. This includes every touchpoint, from communications through to efficient candidate shortlisting and the generation of quality, relevant candidates who have been pre-screened according to your service agreement. The right recruitment software makes this entire process smoother and faster – giving better customer service experiences to your clients. Happy clients invariably mean more work – in terms of repeat business and recommendations to other clients.

  1. Your Candidates Are Dissatisfied.

If you are losing good candidates, the chances are they have had a better experience with another recruiter. Are your communications timely, accurate and professional?, Are you answering queries quickly?, Are you providing regular updates on the process?, Do your candidates feel that they are being cared for and looked after? When you have a high-quality recruitment agency software system, this entire process becomes far easier. Create automated, scheduled communications, keep in touch messages, process reminders, auto-responders and other types of branded and engaging communication that your candidates will find useful, and it helps to create a strong recruitment brand.

In short, the right recruitment software will help you to run a better business, with more engaged candidates, happier clients and a more efficient, effective operation. It also helps to manage your staff and to enable them to do their job more efficiently – cutting out those low-value and dissatisfying tasks by bringing automation into the mix. The more you can invest in the systems that your business use, the better the outcomes will be for everyone – and ultimately, the healthier your bottom line.