Recruitment teams all over the world thanked the day when the first applicant tracking systems were developed, and they continued to give thanks to this day. Why? – Because recruitment applicant tracking systems remove a lot of the mundane aspects of recruitment and make them more efficient.

A Recruitment Applicant Tracking System Saves You Time

We recently heard of an employer who received 800 applications for a junior level role, and that was way before the closing date. Can you imagine going through all of them manually? With an applicant tracking system, you can set it to automatically reject applicants who don’t meet the essential criteria of the job. It probably goes without saying that this saves you money.

A Recruitment Applicant Tracking System Makes Recruitment Teams More Productive

The truth is that a lot of recruitment is repetitive and boring: sending out interview dates, telling applicants where they are in the process and so on. With an applicant tracking system, applicants can choose their own interview time out of a selection posted online. You can send automated updates. This means your recruitment team can spend more time doing more productive tasks.

It Improves the Candidate Experience

The mere fact that candidates can choose their own interview slots makes them feel more valued and in control. With an applicant tracking system you can also automate updates about how the process is running. Keeping candidates up to date also helps them to feel valued.

Talent Pool

One of the great benefits of applicant tracking systems is that you can keep a talent pool. Of course, you need to ensure that you comply with data protection legislation, but that’s easily managed. Once you have CVs in your talent pool, you can easily check them before advertising for each recruitment round. And it makes candidates feel better to think they’ve been put in a talent pool. An added bonus is that if a candidate feels better about the process, it improves your employer brand. It’s a win-win.

Data Analysis

A good recruitment applicant tracking system will enable you to collect and analyse data about your candidates. There are a number of benefits from this, including the cost of your recruitment process, where candidates learn about your vacancy and so on and also diversity data. This is really important because it can help you make your processes more efficient and can potentially save you money.

These are just some of the reasons why applicant tracking systems are beneficial to organisations. If the only advantage was saving recruitment teams time, that alone would save your organisation a lot of money (work out the hourly rate of your team members and multiply that by the number of hours they take paper-sifting). If you choose the right system, you can tailor it to meet your recruitment needs. Better yet, data analysis makes it easier to recruit the right people.