These days, we are all well aware of the key role that an online presence can play in any business. Having a website is now the bare minimum requirement for any enterprise, and driving online engagement has become even more important since the arrival of the Covid pandemic.

Yet a growing trend, particularly in the recruitment industry, sees agencies leverage the power of online social networking, too. Known as social recruiting, this approach is fast becoming an essential component of any effective talent acquisition strategy. Read on to discover five tips for successfully optimising social media as an aid to recruitment.

Tip One: Create An Engaging Account

The first step for any recruiters hoping to get the best results from social networking is to focus on the agency’s own account. Consider which platforms you want to target: if you choose too many, there is the risk that you won’t be able to dedicate enough time to responding to potential candidates, which will ultimately prove damaging to your acquisition strategy. Focus instead on developing engaging social media accounts which offer great content and allow prospective jobseekers to familiarise themselves with your ethos.

Tip Two: Focus On Passive Candidates

One great advantage of using social recruiting tools is the ability to connect with those otherwise hard-to-reach passive jobseekers. This is where your account’s content will come into play: include videos and other attention-grabbing posts to garner interest in your agency and the opportunities it can provide.

Tip Three: Tailor Your Approach

Each social media platform has its own distinct brand, so make sure that your content is subtly tailored for each account. Your Twitter stream could, for example, take a more light-hearted approach than your LinkedIn page. Many social media platforms offer tools for businesses to help them target the right demographics. LinkedIn, for example, has Talent Insights, a useful analytical tool which provides valuable metrics for recruiters.

Tip Four: Think Small, Too

Don’t limit your use of social recruiting tools to the big, famous platforms. Targeting smaller or specialist social networks can pay dividends, too. Those looking to recruit design talent could look at the platform Dribble, whilst those looking for tech experts should try GitHub.

Tip Five: Make The Most Of Connections

Finally, don’t forget that the key word in social media is social- so use your employees and existing candidates to help extend the connections you make online. Building a community and driving recommendations through a network of talented people is an excellent way of amplifying your agency’s reach online.

Social Recruiting Tools Are Here To Stay

It’s clear that now is the time to adopt a strategy for recruiting through social media, and happily, there is help available to optimise the opportunities. The best recruitment software can provide integration with the main social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, which will save you valuable time and boost efficiency as a result.