Job seekers need to spend a lot of time choosing the right job and tailoring CVs and cover letters to it, to be in with a chance of an interview.

It’s also an expensive business for employers, whether they advertise themselves or use an agency. That’s why it’s important when recruiting in-house to ensure that you have the right systems and software in place. For this reason, recruitment CRM software in the UK is becoming very popular.

The other thing that matters is having an effective and accurate job posting and making sure it features high in the search engines. So how do you improve your job posting?

recruitment CRM software in the UK

Accurate descriptions

The first things is to ensure that you are accurately describing the role that you are advertising. Clearly and concisely describe the role and the key responsibilities. Remember that, when it hits the job boards, there is limited space.

Keep it brief

So keep your job description brief and to the point. You don’t want to overwhelm the candidates. This is where recruitment CRM software in the UK comes into its own. It can help you get the details right.

You want the description to make the role seem interesting – but be honest. There is research to show that when you tell candidates about the job, warts and all, they will be more likely to stay in the role after selection.

Job responsibilities

List the most essential, no more than five or six. You can show the candidates the full job description when they are invited to interview, but right now, you want to attract people and potential applicants will not spend a lot of time on this at this stage. They want to find a job, apply and then find another one in case nothing comes of yours.

The best way to list the responsibilities is to bullet them, so applicants can scan them quickly. Start each one with a verb in its transitive form, i.e. make appointments, brush dogs, and so on. You also want to make the description easy to read, so omit non-essential features of the job and keep it to the point.


Not all jobs will require formal qualifications, but almost most will require skills or experience of some sort. Remember that, nowadays, we shouldn’t ask for a number of years of experience in something in most cases as it may be discriminatory. It would be better to ask for a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject or experience in the same area. Remember that the number of years doing a job does not necessarily equal relevant experience. A short amount of time in one role can equal ten years in another.

Good fit

Finally, remember that organisational values and cultural fit are important so highlight this too.