Whether you’re a business that handles your own employee recruitment or you’re a specialist recruitment agency, it’s vital that you’re making use of mobile technology as part of your recruitment strategy. If you’re not making sure that you’ve integrated mobile technology into your recruitment strategy, you’ll be missing out on lots of the talent that’s out there. Here are five major advantages offered by mobile recruitment.

1. Get the most traffic

In 2018, 52.2% of internet website traffic was generated via mobile phones. There are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world as of 2020, with this number predicted to grow to 3.8 billion over the course of 2021. The seemingly unstoppable rise of mobile technology suggests that this portion is only likely to keep growing in the future. This means that it’s vital to make your software acceptable on a mobile platform if you want to reach the best possible audience now and in the future.

2. Better targeting

The use of GPS systems on mobile phones means that you’ll be able to more accurately target potential candidates based on their location. Whether you’re looking for employees from as wide of an area as a specific country or as narrow of an area as close to a particular office building, making use of mobile GPS will allow you to be far more specific in your targeting than you could be through more traditional advertising methods.

3. Access data on the go

Making your data accessible on mobile platforms means that whether potential app users are in the office, at home or travelling between locations, they’ll have the ability to access your data on the go. The increase in remote working means that potential employees aren’t tied to their laptops, but many people’s phones are almost constantly in their hands, so you’ll be able to reach candidates wherever they are.

4. Mobile “alerts” make getting in contact easier

In the UK, people check their phones on average once every 12 minutes as of 2020. In addition, 64% of people admit that their mobile distracts them while at work, and this number is likely to be higher for those who are looking to switch roles. Investing in a mobile app and sending alerts to users is a great way of boosting your reach and finding the best range of talent out there.

5. Mobile-based recruitment lets you do everything on one device

The final advantage of mobile-based recruitment is the fact that it allows you to do everything on a single device. Whether you’re contacting candidates via telephone calls, email or text messages, mobile technology will allow you to carry out all these tasks via your smartphone without having to worry about switching devices.

It’s clear that mobile-based recruitment is a growing trend. If you want to find the best candidates for your roles, mobile technology is an investment that will very quickly pay for itself.