When considering your customer relationship management needs, keep in mind these 5 reasons to utilise web based CRM solutions:

Customised Web-Based CRM solutions

Cloud based CRM solutions can be personalised to directly represent the activities within your organisation and targeted to work the way your business works. You have the control to create your own fully compatible intelligent hub, without in-house software limitations that are so frequently encountered. Integrate third-party apps seamlessly, adding the modules you need, when you need them.


The information you and your team need is available in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection. When an update is made, everyone will be immediately reading from the same page. Whether you’re working from home or part of a globally distributed team working on-the-fly, web based CRM solutions provide full access to the data most relevant to your needs and preferences from any device.


Create a system that’s as agile as your business; Software as a Service (Saas) provides cost-effective scaling to match the needs of the organisation at any given time. No set-up fees, no long term contract commitments and tiered pricing opens up CRM implementation to businesses of all sizes and subscriptions include the costs of upgrades & fixes. As your business grows, pivots, repeats, you can easily adapt your cloud-based CRM to provide the most relevant solution and achieve the best results.


Safeguarding your business and clients shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. Using hosted CRM solutions provides a cost efficient means of delivering the latest data encryption; ensuring up to the minute compliance with new privacy laws and protecting your organisation and it’s patrons. Your central intelligence hub is high value and should also be protected. Well maintained customer data is a valuable asset, entrusted to you and cloud based CRM providers operate robust protocols to ensure there is no risk of data loss.


Working across an online CRM solution ensures a fully integrated and automated approach, guaranteeing that your clients are served better day to day. Effortlessly connecting teams, stakeholders, suppliers and third party projects on a single cloud platform allows key contributors to organise their workflow collaboratively and to move consistently in the same direction, increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Web based CRM solutions streamline the way in which your organisation operates on a day-to-day basis, in a way that best suits your business needs and goals. A cloud-hosted CRM centralises your preferred networks, improving corporate communication and maximising the sharing of customer knowledge. Optimised interactions nurture relationships, win more business and increase long-term retention. Flexible offerings, simply integrated with the applications most relevant to your business activities, future-proof your CRM and work at your pace; and with a web based CRM provider, the highest levels of security come as standard, with disaster recovery for added peace of mind.