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When you start talking to potential candidates about a vacancy you have just started trying to recruit for, chances are most of the people you speak to didn’t apply for the role or if they did, they did so through a site like JobServe, without explicitly knowing the agency the job was posted by. Some of these people will come to know you quite well as they go through the interview process, receiving feedback and (hopefully) doing their contract negotiations through you when they are offered the job.BlogAd1

Others may not be suitable for or interested in this role, but would still be useful people to keep on your recruitment database to contact about future opportunities. However, when you speak to candidates you’ve never had dealings with before, do you take the opportunity to promote your business to them, or do you simply pitch them about the role and question them to assess whether they’re a good bet this time around?

Jobseekers Speak to a Lot of Recruiters
When someone is applying for jobs actively on the major job sites, they tend to end up speaking to a lot of recruiters every day. Some of them will be calling about the jobs they have actually applied for, others about different positions. It is not unheard of for them to receive three calls in a day about the same specific job either, if the company hiring hasn’t asked one agency exclusively to fill it – and given many recruiters don’t reveal who the employer is until they’ve already had a fairly in depth conversation with the candidate, they may not realise they are talking about a job they’ve already been put forward for by someone else until quite late in the chat.

When someone is in this situation they can get pretty weary of talking through their CV with numerous new people every day, especially when many of the conversations don’t lead to anything. For this reason, they won’t always have it clear in their minds which agencies have treated them the best or even which have put them forward for the jobs they like their chances of getting the most.

Talking About Your Business in the Initial Conversation
A lot of whether a candidate will remember you and want to deal with you will come down to how you personally communicate with them, but no matter how good you are at this, you want them to be aware of the business and brand you represent, rather than just you as an individual recruiter. This means taking the time during the first conversation you have with them to tell them a bit about your agency. How big you are, where you are based, whether you specialise in their field or do all kinds of roles – things that will be of interest to them and make them feel they are going through a good company.

This way, they’ll remember your brand while they are job seeking, and of course, may even like your brand enough to become a client if they end up in a position with hiring responsibilities!

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