Attract more candidates and increase your agency’s visibility with a mobile website

With an increasing number of job seekers searching and applying for vacancies using a smart phone and tablet, is it time for you agency to invest in a mobile site?

Mobile sites (.m sites) differ from traditional websites as they are designed with functionality in mind to maximise the user experience.

We wanted to share with you why you might want to consider purchasing a Chameleon-i integrated mobile site:

1 Mobile websites are easy to navigate, easy to use and great on the move. Mobile sites have larger buttons, larger text and easy to navigate menus
2  They will help make your agency more visible – at the touch of a button,candidates and clients, can find your phone number, email address and location.
3  Being integrated with your Chameleon-i database, means all selected vacancies will appear on your mobile site,with applications going directly into Chameleon-i to action.
4  Ease of application — If candidates do not have access to a CV on their phone,no problem they can use the, apply via LinkedIn functionality.
5  The mobile site is fully branded and carries your agency’s colours and text, all controlled through our CMS making updates and changes simple.

If you would like more information or a free mobile website demonstration, please speak to our sales team today on 01483 600370 or email