Social media platforms including Facebook allow businesses to recruit high-quality candidates that they otherwise would have struggled to reach through traditional hiring methods. But before we dive into some of the social media recruiting tools on offer, here are a few reasons why Facebook should play a key role in your hiring process.


Why should I use Facebook to recruit for my business?


Did you know that Facebook users interact with friends, explore the latest offerings from their favourite brands, and browse their news feed for around 19 hours every month on average? If you aren’t using Facebook as a key recruitment tool, you are already missing out on the opportunity to promote your brand to an extremely engaged audience.


Connect with passive talent

Facebook can help you to stand out amongst the countless other businesses out there vying to attract top talent. One of the most significant benefits of Facebook is the ability to connect with passive candidates and ensure you are the first business they think about when the time comes to make a career move.


– Reinforce your brand values

The most talented candidates want to work within an organisation that they can believe in. So, you need to ensure that your digital presence consistently reinforces your values and presents your brand as a dynamic environment that is determined to adapt to ever-changing marketplaces.


What are the best social media recruiting tools on Facebook?

Facebook has many valuable tools within its platform that will help businesses and recruiting teams like yours to reach and connect with potential hires in meaningful ways.


– Search

Facebook has consistently invested in an intuitive search functionality that is user friendly and always delivers. For recruiters, the Graph Search feature is an excellent way to locate and subsequently filter potential candidates based on education, level of experience, location, and more. As such, Facebook has established itself as a robust research tool that can help businesses to forge lasting connections, drive referrals, and acquire high-quality talent.


– Ad Targeting

The level of ad targeting tools that Facebook offers is unparalleled but to get this process right, you need to know precisely who you want to reach. This information will allow you to target people in the correct geographical location and age demographic who also have the correct skillset.


– Messenger

Recruitment teams can approach potential candidates in a highly pragmatic way. It isn’t always easy to locate a person’s contact number or email address but rather than let that person slip through the net, Messenger can help you make the first move. Ensure that your message is authentic and valuable, and you are likely to see beneficial outcomes.

When utilising social media recruiting tools to drive the most beneficial outcomes, it is important that they can be properly integrated into your hiring strategy as this is key to ensuring that the process runs smoothly throughout each of the connection, interview, and onboarding processes.