It is entirely possible to obtain better results for your recruitment business using CRM. Securing the best results in the recruitment industry relies heavily on being the first to get the best candidates in front of the right people; candidates with the skills that they’re looking for. One of the most important aspects of maintaining good relationships with both recruiters and candidates is regular communication.

Communications need to be well-timed and professionally delivered. You need to ensure that candidates receive all the information they need to apply for roles on time and to get to interviews on time and well-prepared. Feedback from the interviews is also helpful. For successful candidates, it’s important to make sure the paperwork is completed on time and is accurate and the position is filled as soon as possible. For those candidates who were unsuccessful it’s possible to follow up with other opportunities.

With automated communication systems and a good CRM database in place, you can deliver a prompt and efficient service, letting people know key dates and times and ensuring that the various stages of the recruitment process are delivered with regular clear communications.

Some of the benefits of automated communications from a CRM’s automated communications system include:

Scheduled Communications on Key Dates

Recruitment Software boasts some complex features that allow you to operate payroll functions, job board posting, social media posting, various reporting functions, screening of candidates, interview management and email and diary integration. This speeds up the entire recruitment process and means that once the candidate and recruiter’s details are entered into the database, you are in control to be able to track all aspects of the recruitment journey and give an organised, professional impression that will get results and will encourage people to recommend you. Nothing beats word of mouth referral for boosting your business.

Time Saving and Efficiency from a candidate relationship management system

By scheduling automated communications, key dates and appointment times are not overlooked and it frees up the recruitment team to work on other aspects of their roles. This not only increases efficiency and productivity and gets better results but it gives a professional, organised impression to both candidates and recruiters which should help to garner repeat business and satisfied customers.

Staying in Touch

With automated communications and a good CRM system, you can stay in touch with candidates who have interacted with previous vacancies and find other suitable positions for them. CRM systems ensure that the candidates’ data and CVs are stored in one central place and on a cloud-based system these can be accessed anywhere where there is an internet connection. It means the entire recruitment team can access records and stay in touch even when the office is closed. Automated communications ensure that messages and paperwork can be sent off in a timely manner, with the business’ brand being reinforced by consistent messages and style.