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Here you can see some of the recruitment websites we’ve made. We offer a range of affordable website solutions, so if you’re interested in getting your own website, check out Website Builder. If you would like more information or have any questions on the type of websites we have created, please contact us.

Accelerate Employee On-Boarding With Web-Based Recruitment Software

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Web-based recruitment software is becoming increasingly popular among HR professionals and recruiters. It has many advantages and few downsides. One of the main advantages is that it can improve and speed up employee on-boarding. What is on-boarding? On-boarding is seen as the final part of the recruitment process and is sometimes also referred to as organisational socialisation. [...]

Why Web Based Recruitment Software Is Considered Better For HR Recruiting?

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In days gone by, most recruitment agencies would go through reams of paper, with CVs, adverts, reports and timesheets to be collated, faxed and posted to clients and their workers. As the internet became ubiquitous and database software fell in price and grew in reliability, much of this paper was eliminated. Fast-forward to the current marketplace, [...]

Five Simple Website Solutions To Improve User Experience

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A website is an always-available shop window for your business; of course, this is essential in recruitment to enable clients and candidates to find you and the jobs you have on offer. If the first thing you need to start your business is recruitment software in the UK, the second is most definitely a good website. [...]

Recruiting Success with a Blueprint Website

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Chameleon-i has just launched the Blueprint Website 2.0 and it is even better than before. Now, having a slick, feature-packed and cutting edge website has never been easier or more affordable. The new websites fully integrate with Chameleon-i and are powered by our new Content Management System (CMS) and your Chameleon-i database. Our developers have created our fully [...]

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