Keeping your data clean, consistent and up to date.
Data quality is the essence of any good CRM database system. Its quality will help to return consistent, accurate and relevant search results, although it is no small task to always keep large amounts of data clean and relevant for your consultants to use.

Taking time to clean your data is a worthwhile activity saving time and improving efficiency in the long term by minimising time spent reviewing search results.

Chameleon-i has a number of features that will help ensure your data is of the highest quality:

Incomplete records and Duplicates.
Using the Quick Search grids you can easily find records with blank fields; candidate records with no CV attached and records that have badly formed email addresses, as well as duplicate records.

Duplicate records can easily be merged by you within the help section of Chameleon-i. By identifying and merging records you will automatically be reducing a consultant’s work load and you eliminate the possibility of sending multiple emails to the same person.

Importing clean and correct data.
As data is created it’s important to make good use of the Auto-recognition and Parsed CVs list. Make a point of checking and adding to the data to help protect the future integrity of the database.

Remember once you’re happy with a record remember to remove the tick against ‘Requires data check’ to remove the record from your check list.

A data standard policy
Often companies underestimate the size of the data quality problem and tend to look to technology to resolve all the issues, whereas often the focus simply needs to be on the human and some basic business related processes. It is important that all users agree to data standards and practices for updating records to help standardise the information uploaded and stored within your Chameleon-i database for the benefit of all.

Remember having accurate, well maintained data will reduce search time, increase placements and revenue!

If you have any questions or would like further information on how to improve the data quality in your database visit our knowledgebase or speak to your account manager.