The Chameleon-i May update will change the way that our recruiters work. Staffing and recruiting organisation has never been easier with our new Instant Vacancy Pages, Custom Fields, GDPR module and other improvements.

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Cut down recruitment time with Instant Vacancy pages

Web developers and designers are no longer needed with Chameleon-i’s brand new instant Vacancy Pages. You can have a stylish page to fit any agency website, including colour, logo and custom search fields powered by tags.

Screenshot of the Instant Vacancy page

Instant Vacancy current vacancies page

With no extra work, you can improve your website and make it looks more professional.

Instant Vacancy vacancy details page - white, grey and blue

Vacancy Details page

It takes just one click to load your job to the Instant Vacancy Page. Once ticked your vacancy information will be listed on your page, ready for candidates to apply.

Load to website view - Chameleon-i software screenshot

All it takes is one click

Tailor candidate and company information with Custom Fields

Transform the way you work and create a streamlined system for you and your agency.

The new Custom Fields mean that you can ask vertical-specific questions and store the answers. You can also create industry-specific fields for easy, speedy search.

Use the following field types on the custom fields tab above in ALL records:

  • Text input
  • Custom Sql Lookup
  • E-mail
  • Number
  • Date
  • Textarea
  • Lookup
  • Checkbox
  • Button
  • File Input

You can request new custom fields through the support team which will then be related to Development.

Once set up, your agency can populate the fields that appear on the custom fields tab. These custom fields can also be set to be mandatory and also include a set length and value parameters where necessary.

Custom fields are searchable within new grids and we automatically create placeholders to populate emails and word documents for you, which can be used in marketing templates.

Speed up applicant processing with Custom Views

It’s now incredibly easy to customise Chameleon-i grids and speed up applicant processing.

Screenshot of Custom views

Here you can set the custom views

As you can see, it’s incredibly simple to edit your Custom View Details.

Just add whichever field you want and move it across. It’s a great chance to view your candidates information the way that you want, which will speed up reviewing candidates and allow you to concentrate on what you do best.

What’s even better is each user can have multiple Views created for each record type and these can also be shared by users for use on shared projects.

Screenshot of edit custom view details

Here’s how to edit your chosen custom view details

Grids - custom view options screenshot

You can also sort your columns using filters which allow you to search for specific items.

This can be done by using the exact or from-to, greater than to less than, or dates, depending on the data content displayed in your column.

Filter to find the information you want

The criteria within the grids available for search has been expanded. Chameleon-i users can now look at all main profile fields and custom fields within a handy dropdown list.

Chameleon-i grids search dropdown list screenshot

Criteria expansion

When the custom views via the grids are tailored to your specifications, just a quick toggle will change the display.

Our Grids help you to find the best candidate for the role in an instant.

Speed up job board posting with Grids

Chameleon-i allows you to post vacancies to job boards via Broadbean, Idibu or Recruitive. In turn, they publish your vacancy to your selected job boards, for example, Monster or Reed.

The applications are then collected from the aggregator and displayed within our Applicants grid.

Once the applications are in our system, it’s up to the recruiter to action them.

Using flags, the recruiter can do three things:

  1. Green flag (proceed)- create a candidate record, shortlist them into the vacancy shortlist ready to send to the client, and send a client-made e-mail template to the candidate
  2. Yellow flag (not right for the role but maybe others) – creates a candidate record, does not shortlist and sends a client-made e-mail template to the candidate saying that while they are not suited to the role advertised, we would like to keep you on file
  3. Red flag (not for our agency but will remain in the database) – does not create a candidate record and sends a client-made e-mail template to the candidate

The Chameleon-i system is set up to speed up job posting to boards and our flag system allows the candidates to be within our database, ready to action.

Please note that aggregators are partners, and our clients must buy their services and subscribe to pay job boards.

Be GDPR-ready with updated contact information including Last Time Contacted

This update means that users have clear viability of the interaction between themselves and their records. This update will enable users to manage their entire database in preparation for the GDPR on the 25th May 2018. Not only can records be segregated into Last Contacted Time but in connection with your GDPR Daily e-mail limit, be automatically e-mailed out to your chosen list.

Work out when someone was last contacted with Candidate Dates

Candidate dates mean that users can now see when a candidate was last contacted.

screenshot of Chameleon-i candidate grids

In/out comms

Candidate dates will show in/out communications made via e-mail, SMS or phone call.

The last contacted date can be different to these fields, as it considers the following activities:

      • Follow up: Temps booking confirmation
      • 1st/2nd/3rd interview
      • Bulk e-mail
      • Cand Care Call/Check-in
      • Candidate call/initial feedback/meeting
      • Client call/meeting
      • Contract issued/sent
      • CP interview requests
      • CP call, as well as info and offer
      • CP reject or remove
      • CV feedback/sent/sent follow-up
      • E-mail/received
      • Incoming call
      • Internal/telephone interview
      • Interview follow-up/notes
      • Invoice e-mail
      • Job spec
      • Left message
      • Lunch/meeting
      • SMS sent/failed/received
      • Sales/scheduled call
      • Update via web
      • Web application

    Postcode changes for quicker search

    Postcode search means that it’s simple to find a company, client or candidates using a full postcode, as well as radial search using Towns.

    Screenshot of Chameleon-i recruitment software postcode search

    It’s easy to find whoever you want with our new postcode search

    Chameleon-i also has a new Find button within Company, Client and Candidate profiles, which means the address will be populated when a valid postcode is searched.

    populate candidate profiles address

    Easy population

    Diary features for speedy organisation

    The Chameleon-i diary now features options where users can choose to Reschedule tasks, as well as clear All and Selected tasks to enable quick diary management.

    screenshot of Chameleon-i diary

    Easily reschedule your meetings with one click

    Users can quickly reschedule or clear diaries by ticking a box making it simple to organise their working lives.

    Admin permissions and data petitioning

    Chameleon-i admins can choose what data other users can see.

    Screenshot of Chameleon-i recruitment software Admin permissions

    Admin permissions

    This can enable agency admins to limit features that users can see. By ticking the tags on the right, you give permission to a user to only see those Admin tabs when they visit the admin section.

    New data permissions mean that users can segregate irrelevant information from different levels of the business, for example at a team level, branch level or company level. This means your system is customisable and therefore more efficient.

    A word from David, our managing director

    “After a year of hard work and research, the Chameleon-i May update is here. Not only is our system more customisable than ever before, we are able to help our users become GDPR-ready. Our Instant Vacancy pages and new grids will speed up recruitment and applicant processing, allowing our users to become more efficient and more organised.”