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Update: Instant Vacancy Pages(20/01/2020)

Instant Vacancy Pages allow you to post vacancies straight onto your website from Chameleon-i. This update allows users to log in and apply or register and apply from the vacancy on your website. Another new feature this update brings is that when a vacancy is applied for, a candidate record is created using their details and they are automatically added to the vacancy shortlist.

On the Vacancy Pages on your website, the user can now register & apply and login & apply on the vacancies.

If the user already has logins they can enter these to login.

Please note the logo will change to represent your agency logo when you upload it.

If the user has forgotten their password they can click for a reminder email to be sent to their email.

If they haven’t already, the user can register and apply for the vacancy. This information is what creates the Candidate record and places them into the vacancy shortlist.

A user can also review and change their personal details by clicking on the Update option in the top right hand corner as pictured below.

When a user has applied or registered and applied for a vacancy, you will get a notification in Chameleon-i.

When a user has applied for a vacancy, they automatically get put into the relevant vacancy shortlist.

To find a knowledge base article on this update, search for ‘Instant Vacancy Pages’.

Update: Call Wizard Action(20/01/2020)

In the Notes section of a Client or Candidate record, you can now edit or add your own Activity Type.

To create/edit Call Actions

  • Select the ‘Admin‘ tab from the main menu.
  • Select the ‘Lists‘ tab.
  • Select ‘Note/Todo Types‘ from the drop-down box.
  • Enter your Note/Todo/Call Action in the text box and press the ‘Save‘ button to upload it.
  • Click the ‘X‘ to delete obsolete entries.
  • Use the ‘Up/Down‘ arrows to order the list to meet your requirements.
  • Tick the boxes where you wish to see the Note/Todo Type displayed.

To edit an existing entry ‘Double Click’ on the source you wish to edit, this will make the line item editable, edit as required then click away anywhere on the screen to confirm the edit.

Any Note type that has a tick in the Update Comms Checkbox will update the Last Contacted field when used in a Candidate or Client record.

When you click the ‘X‘ to delete an obsolete entry, the following pop will display requesting that you re-assign all records to another in your list. You must do this to delete it from the available drop-down options.

Admin Lists

When you go to select your Activity Type, it will now be in the drop-down

Update: Drop Down Action Button(14/01/2020

In Client and Candidate records, when the user hovers over the down arrow, it shows the action options in the drop-down.

On the Candidate record display when the mouse hovers over the down arrow next to these fields: Home No, Mobile No, Work No. There is now a drop-down of actions to choose from.

The drop-down box appears on the Client record next to the following fields: Mobile No, Work No.

To find this article in our knowledge base search for ‘Drop Down List of Action Buttons’.

Update: Candidate Repeater(06/01/2020)

The Candidate Repeater enables you to send a Candidate summary to Clients.

There are 3 easy steps to be able to send a Candidate summary by using Templates, Placeholders, and Baskets.

Step 1

In the CMS tab within the Admin panel, create a new email template with the name:

Email Template Client – Candidate Mailer

This will be the email you send to your Client, so add all of the words you want here and we will insert your candidate list wherever you put the placeholder.

The placeholder you will need to insert is: [[Custom.Repeater.candidate mailer]]

Step 2

Create another new template, this time called Repeater.Candidate Mailer

This is a template for one candidate, you can add whatever fields in here you wish to show off to your client, we will repeat this template for every candidate you have in the basket.

You can find a selection of Placeholders to build your summary in the ‘Select Placeholder’ button – be sure to select Candidate placeholders only.

In the example, these are the placeholders that were used;

[[]] – Displays the photo associated with the candidate

[[]] – Displays the candidate reference

[[ca.forename]] – Displays the candidate forename

[[ca.precis]] – Displays the summary associated with the candidate

Step 3

The last step for setting up your Candidate summary is to create a Basket called ‘Candidate Mailer‘ and in here you add all of the Candidates you a summary for to be sent out to Clients.

When sending the email to send to Clients, select the Candidate Mailer template from the drop-down.  You can even run this from a client basket using bulk email  – you can send many candidate profiles to many clients in one easy wizard.

Below is what the email will look like when it appears in the Client’s inbox.

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