5 Reasons why an RSS Feed is a must-have…
1. Free web traffic.
As the internet has evolved; many have found that what was once free traffic must now be paid for in order to sustain decent visitor statistics. RSS is in a unique position to bring free traffic because they are content-driven and if they include interesting or valuable information, will pique the curiosity of users and entice them to visit your website.

2. Repeat visitors.
Users who sign-up to your RSS feed do so because they are interested in what you have to say in your blog posts or your vacancies are of interest. By continually feeding them new content via RSS they are much more likely to return to your website.

3. Feed vacancies to social media.
Using an RSS aggregator like Chifeeds enables your RSS feed to automatically post to multiple twitter accounts and Facebook. This means every time you post a new vacancy to your RSS feed, that vacancy can be sent to many other websites, automatically giving you a bigger coverage and encouraging conversation from potential candidates or clients.

4. Better readership than newsletters or e-shots.
Newsletters and E-shots undeniably bring visitors, but the effort involved in creating, distributing and maintaining a newsletter can be a burden. Maintaining the list, ensuring the list is clean, growing the subscriber base, updating and removing bad e-mail addresses, all take time. RSS feeds are not burdened with those issues.

5. Stay ahead of your competition.
Company websites that do not use RSS feeds as a tool to push out their content are missing out. It can build relationships with potential clients and candidates by keeping them engaged and if your competitors are already doing so, it may be time to invest in an RSS feed.

To activiate your company vacancy RSS feed login to your Chameleon-i account and order the RSS module for £20 per month from within the admin panel.