Our cloud recruitment software allows access to your CRM data online at any time or place. You can avoid many of the high costs and issues related to solutions administered from a sole location.

For small and medium-sized businesses relying on offsite technical support, expertise to run these systems may not be available, nor might they have the time needed to select and deploy the related infrastructure and software.

By selecting cloud software you bypass these constraints with a fully managed software solution delivered directly to your web browser. As your business grows or your requirements change and you have the flexibility to increase or decrease the services you want to utilise.

What do I need to consider when selecting cloud recruitment software?

There are three critical elements you should always consider when deciding if a cloud recruitment solution is right for your business.

It must be easily customised. Many solutions will be built to reflect best practice and standard ways of working. Make sure that the solution you choose can also be customised to reflect your business’s individual qualities and requirements.

Core tools must encompass everything you use on a daily basis.

The solution’s capacity mustn’t be capped. It should be able to grow exponentially with your business, not hold it back. Always ask questions relating to storage and capacity and ensure that they far exceed your best case scenario for business growth.

What benefits can I expect from moving to cloud working?

You should find that collaboration between teams is much easier. Files are stored centrally and you can see who has accessed files or may be working on them at the same time.

Security concerns should be minimised. With files and data stored in the cloud, you can quickly and securely turn access and permissions on and off.

Similarly, the issue of security when carrying documents and sensitive data around, either in paper form or on devices that could be lost or stolen, is removed. You can be confident that information is only being accessed as needed.

For small and medium-sized businesses the ability to pay as you go can assist in financial planning and avoid large inconvenient outlays that could impact your ability to invest in other areas of the business.

Storage and capacity needs are notoriously difficult to predict. Moving to flexible and scalable cloud recruitment software should avoid the need to purchase new systems or upgrade to costlier subscriptions once you’ve outgrown your current solution.

Always be up-to-date. Let someone else worry about installing software updates. With cloud software, updates are always tested before they reach you, with no disruption to your business.

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