Any software hosted in the cloud makes the sharing of information between users and devices straightforward. Putting your recruitment software into the cloud could be a wise choice, especially if you already use cloud-based software for your other business functions.

What is Cloud Recruitment Software?

The software itself probably not looks any different to the systems you are used to using, but instead of it being installed onto a local device; you will access it through the internet. This has the advantage of the software being accessible anywhere with an internet connection and by multiple users at once.

Cloud recruitment software will also back up automatically, and backups are not physically stored anywhere on site, which also serves to reduce the cost of running the system. Backups are also safer from threats such as fire and theft and systems are more easily restored when using cloud software.

What are the benefits?

Benefits exist for businesses of all sizes but are particularly noticeable for smaller businesses. As well as eliminating the necessity for storage space, cloud software is also much more flexible. Options can be added or removed with ease, since this can be managed remotely, and a technician would not be required to visit the site to update software installed on devices.

Carrying out technical support remotely is also beneficial since it will mean that problems can be rectified quickly and there should be reduced downtime of systems as a result. Bespoke and configurable recruitment software packages also make it easier to deliver highly specific functionality which has been configured to meet the specific needs of the hiring organisation or recruitment specialist.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to all businesses is the collaborative nature of cloud recruitment software. Since all it needs is an internet connection, users can log in from anywhere and using any device. Modern cloud-based software packages are now suitable for use on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, which makes them even more accessible if users do not have access to a computer outside of the office. It also allows tasks to be completed at any time, so users can work whilst on their commute or access the system if they are working from home.

Is it right for my business?

Only you can answer that, but the answer is likely to be yes. If you are already using software for recruitment, it makes sense to move that software over to a cloud-based version. Many existing software providers have introduced cloud-based products, so if you are worried about changing your system because you are used to the one you have, you are likely to be able to continue using a cloud-based version which will seem familiar to you.

In practice, you will soon get used to being able to access the system from wherever you are and at all times of day. You will probably celebrate the fact that you are no longer tied to your office and wonder how you ever lived without that flexibility.