Businesses are looking for ways to improve their recruitment processes and to access the best talent on the market. There’s no doubt that the competition is extremely tough and that competitor brands are working hard to target and access the same talented individuals that you are – all from a limited pool.

Businesses are also getting smarter about the way that they attract, engage and encourage high performers to apply for their roles, leveraging better job descriptions, smart and targeted advert placement, building a powerful employer brand, nurturing a potential candidate pool via social media and employing powerful technologies that smooth the process and make it more effective and responsive for the business and for applicants alike.

How a recruitment tracking system in the UK can help your business?

Our recruitment tracking system is called Chameleon-i and it’s an ATS – or applicant tracking software – package designed to bring intelligent automation to your recruitment and staffing activities. At a basic level, the system works to offer data processing, workflow optimisation of essential recruitment steps and managed applicant communication. These activities are supported with rich analytics so you can easily measure and assess how well your applicants are doing, as well as see where everyone is at within the recruitment process.

The benefits of our ATS

As a leading recruitment tracking system in the UK, our software offers a range of benefits.


Firstly, it saves the business time by stripping out waste and by acting fast. The system will allow you to rapidly find candidates, to quickly gather essential information about them and to make quick business decisions which then allow you to move towards swift and streamlined interview booking.

Better organisation

The system is a single point for all recruitment activity with features that support simple recruiting such as email and calendar integration and rapid access to applicant information and supporting documents, including CVs


Our recruitment tracking system in the UK minimises waste for the business by stripping out redundant tasks and minimising errors, thereby making the entire recruitment process smooth and optimised for better results. This helps to offer a better experience for everyone in the process.

Enhanced communication

Automated and scheduled communications help to support your employer brand and the overall candidate experience, for that ongoing pool of pre-qualified, motivated, and engaged candidates. Keep candidates updated, aware and engaged at all times.

Try it for free

You can try Chameleon-i for free without risk or obligation. Get a full 30-day trial period for FREE without any credit card details required. Simply sign up online or contact us to find out more. We’re so confident that it will offer real value to your business that we’re prepared to offer this 30-day risk-free trial at absolutely no cost to your business. Get started now and make your recruitment process slicker, faster and higher-quality for your full range of stakeholders; from hiring managers to talented candidates.