If you’re looking to understand why you need to add E-mail and Diary Integration to your recruitment software, then look no further.

1. Enjoy your freedom, knowing that everything is synchronised

Using Chameleon-i’s E-mail Integration, you can have the freedom to move around, knowing that your diary, inbox, outbox and sent are all synchronised.

Whether you’re on the laptop, mobile or tablet – wherever you are, your e-mail and diary will be completely accessible.

Visit clients, meet with applicants – go anywhere you want! Everything will be ready and waiting for you in one place.

If you like the sound of this, please contact us now to get started.

2. Don’t waste time switching between your mail client and CRM

You no longer need to switch from e-mails to your CRM to find that e-mail you sent.

Every single message is stored within Chameleon-i, so there’s no need to waste time swapping from one window to another.

The process is streamlined and incredibly easy to use.

3. It’s easy to stay GDPR-compliant with our candidate + client communication tracking system

With all your e-mail synchronised it means that you have a full picture of the communication with the client.

You now can demonstrate and give reasons as to why you hold the data which makes you compliant with GDPR.

A communication trail can be found any time you need and you will be protected.

4. Chameleon-i can automatically organise your contacts into clients

Should you receive an e-mail from a new client or candidate, you have the option to create a record for them from your Chameleon-i Inbox.

Chameleon-i can then automatically track and organise your contacts communications for you.

5.  Stay on top of things, with a detailed picture of your recruitment business

As a recruitment agency owner, you can take comfort that everything will be safe in Chameleon-i.

All inbound e-mails can be seen on your system.

If you have lots of recruiters in your agency, it is far easier to look at the bigger picture with each candidate’s emails tracked through our integration.

6. Find historic e-mails for all recruitment staff members

If a staff member leaves for any reason, an admin will still have access to any e-mails that were sent and received.

Chameleon-i permanently stores the e-mail against the record, meaning everything is safely kept within your system.

7. Clean + organised data for an easy life

If you’re constantly in both an e-mail account and a separate CRM, then it’s possible that client data could get lost or duplicated.

Viewing all your data on one system makes it easy and workflow will be simpler and smoother.

Your diary will be fully synchronised with the following actions:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd interview
  • Candidate/client meeting
  • Client update call
  • CV Sent – Follow up
  • Interview notes
  • Meeting
  • Notes
  • Telephone interview
  • Candidate call, candidate care Call, candidate check-in


As you can see, adding E-mail and Diary Integration to your recruitment software has a number of benefits. If you’re looking for a synchronised system and to make your working life easier, contact us now to get started.