Good employee recruitment software is now more valuable than ever before, as it can change the way recruitment is done, saves recruiters’ time and money and ensures that the right people are selected and hired.

Ideally, good recruitment software should have the following features:

Advanced candidate search: good recruitment software should have automated web sourcing, sourcing algorithms, structured employee referral programs, social media connectivity, advanced filtering, etc.

employee recruitment software

It should help with the selection process through finding and screening resumes, profiling the right candidates, evaluating them, and putting together interview questions and score cards. It should also help recruiters find, organize and contact passive candidates from existing databases.

Web-based and compatibility: efficient employee recruitment software should be web-based so as to avoid time-consuming downloads and installation issues. It should also be secure, fast and compatible with Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone on all major browsers. It should also integrate with other complementary software tools that might be already in place.

Cloud-based: a must-have for good recruitment software, so as to allow users to access it from anywhere they are, in or out of the office, as long as they have an internet connection.

Easy communication: with efficient and reliable software, recruiters can keep in touch with candidates and clients directly from within the application. The software should also offer the feature of email personalisation for marketing and branding consistency.

Scheduling and automation: recruiters’ jobs are hectic, but with good software they can automate many tasks, in particular admin chores, leaving them the time to get on with the most urgent tasks.

Contract flexibility: sometimes recruitment agencies do not want to be tied to lengthy contracts. It is therefore more useful to get software linked to short-term commitments, with the view to growing it with the agency and removing or adding users as they require.

Made by the experts: recruitment software designed by recruiters stands out; it guarantees the right functionality based on the experience of a professional who has invested their own time trying to find the best tool for the job.

User-friendly and intuitive interface: good recruitment software allows customizations, intuitive functions like “drag-and-drop” and an easy to navigate data entry interface.

Reporting tool: a good dashboard will enable the recruiting agency to understand what is working well and where improvements can be made.

Affordability: Last but not least, given all the right features, the best recruitment software must be affordable.

Good recruitment software needs to be reliable, stable, affordable, flexible and intuitive. It can make recruiters’ lives much easier and open the doors to easier communication, effective hiring, streamlined administration and less paperwork.

There are thousands of software offerings on the market, and the recruiters’ challenge is to find the one that best fits their employee recruiting business.