Find, capture and process data faster

Faster Searching

With our global quick search, you can search for any record in your database.


  • Extensive Search Options
  • Find Company, Client, Candidate, Vacancy and Placement records quickly
  • Customisable data grids, see the data you want to see in search results
  • Sort the data the way you want it

You can also perform advanced searches using Boolean logic, advanced tag/keyword search. Filter and prioritise your results based on relevance. This enables you to quickly build qualified lists to associate with vacancies or market to candidates or clients.

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CV Parsing Tools

Save time & increase efficiency with our range of parsing tools including our Outlook and LinkedIn plugins

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  • Remove manual and administrative input
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Process candidates quickly to get them in front of your clients

Increase your efficiency and reduce clicks by deploying one of our parsing solutions to extract and pre-populate fields in your candidate records. You can parse multiple CV’s using our drag & drop to import straight from your PC. In addition, you can also browse & upload a CV, email or parse from your Chameleon-i inbox. Download our Outlook plugin to parse CVs as they hit your inbox or try our LinkedIn plugin to create Candidate and Client records from their LinkedIn profile.

E-mail Integration + Automatic Tracking

Chameleon-i integrates with most e-mail providers, including Gmail and MS Exchange.


  • Streamlined and seamless documented correspondence
  • Improves workflow and communication trail
  • Stay GDPR compliant

E-mail integration with Gmail or Microsoft Exchange enables your emails and calendar events to sync with your Chameleon-i database. The e-mails you send and receive from either system are automatically shown in the other and recorded automatically within your client and candidate records giving you a clear audit and communication trail.

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Word Merge & Document Editor

Create templates, use the action system to merge your documents, check, edit, save then send all in your browser.

Word-Merge & Document Editor


  • Create company standard documentation
  • Save time creating repetitive documents
  • Automate and reduce administration errors
  • No more copy, paste and upload to your database

Mundane tasks can be automated with Chameleon-i, leaving you to get on with what you do best. Our word merge and in-browser editor enable you to automatically generate CV’s, Terms of Business, Contract Schedules to name but a few. Populated with data placeholders from your records. Helping speed up day to day admin processes and reduce the time recruiters spend on monotonous tasks.

Chrome LinkedIn PlugIn

Our LinkedIn Plugin creates and links LinkedIn profiles with your Chameleon-i database.


  • Quickly create a Company, Client and Candidate records
  • View LinkedIn profiles directly from Chameleon-i
  • Update existing records and associate LinkedIn profiles

Use our Chrome LinkedIn Plugin to create new Candidate and Client records in your database. Above all, make sure your records are up-to-date. It’s an easy way to add new information to the Chameleon-i database, with just a click of a button.

Chrome LinkedIn PlugIn
Alison Fitzer - Sycamore Recruitment

“Incredibly friendly, helpful and reply very quickly to me. I have had a couple of issues (user error!)
and the support team sorted them immediately for me, on more than one occasion.”

Alison Fitzer, Sycamore Recruitment

E-mail Marketing + SMS Messaging

Create marketing campaigns with our bulk e-mail and text messaging tools.


  • Quickly set-up beautiful e-mail templates
  • Personalise e-mails to help build your brand
  • Recipients cannot see each other’s email addresses
  • Save time with 2-way SMS text facility

Save time by creating marketing campaigns with our bulk e-mail tools. Leverage email templates and data placeholders to quickly keep candidates in the loop with your latest vacancies. Feed clients your hottest candidates and information on what your agency is up to.

E-mail Marketing + SMS Messaging

Publish Vacancies to Job Boards and Process Web Applications

Get up and running today with this great cost-effective solution for advertising vacancies and managing responses.

Publish Vacancies to Job Boards with ChiPoster


  • One click job posting
  • Select from over 250 job boards
  • Simple applicant management directly through your applicant’s grid
  • Posting allocation management
  • Track your ROI

‘ChiPoster’ enables you to post jobs quickly to your subscribed job boards. Process applications via the applicant’s grid and communicate your decision to the applicants automatically whilst tracking your candidate’s source. A truly effective solution.

Career Portals & Website Integration

Increase direct registrations, applications and responses from Candidates via your website.


  • Impress potential candidates and clients
  • 1 click job posting
  • Seamless application process straight into your database
  • Help your SEO and increase your online presence

Post jobs to your website and make it easy for job seekers to find and apply to your vacancies with one of our websites or integration solutions. Remember, a badly made website will confuse visitors and worse still, cause them to lose trust in you as a company.

Career Portals & Website Integration

Social Reach with our RSS Feeds

With the rise of social media, it’s more important than ever to engage with your followers and promote your vacancies.

Social Reach with our RSS Feeds


  • Automatic job posting on your social networks
  • Engage with passive contacts
  • Maximise the reach of every job advert you post

Using social media to complement your job postings on your website and/or 3rd party job boards is a great way to make sure as many candidates as possible get sight of your job adverts. It also keeps your agencies name in front of passive contacts, after all, you never know when a passive contact will become active.