In many industries, the hiring process has become a slow and bloated beast. The proliferation of expert advice on how to screen candidates and conduct interviews, although given in good faith, has turned what should be a dynamic and positive exercise into a bureaucratic logjam. Time, resources and money are often wasted on creating an experience that is hard work and frequently unrewarding. This is especially true in recruiting for executive roles and for roles that are seen as pivotal to a company’s growth.

The Benefits of Recruiting Software

As the sophistication of digital tools increases, employers are starting to appreciate the benefits of recruiting software and specifically the way text recruiting software is revolutionising the process. A study in the US found that 79 per cent of candidates under the age of 44 have their phones with them 22 hours a day. If it wasn’t already clear that smartphones are what keeps the world connected, this should remove any doubt, so it is worth having a look at the significant ways in which all parties can gain from its implementation.

Texting for success

Firstly, text messaging is probably the most popular method of communication. As the previously-mentioned study makes clear, this is not limited to Gen Z but includes millennials and is likely to extend to people in their 50s and 60s. If you are looking to hire fresh young and not-so-young talent, there is no better way to reach the people you need.

Two of the great advantages of text messaging are its speed and directness. Email is already frowned on as slightly archaic by younger members of the workforce – not quite as formal as a letter but similarly old-fashioned. When you consider the torrent of email that hits the average inbox daily, it is not surprising that recruitment-related emails often don’t receive the attention they deserve.

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Another key benefit of recruiting software that text messaging amplifies is the efficiency of the communication process. It enables employers to keep candidates fully engaged in the process with personalised content and regular updates. Keeping applicants informed makes them feel valued, helps to build a relationship, and demonstrates that they can expect a valuable and rewarding employment relationship.

Flexibility and scalability are powerful qualities. The benefits of recruiting software include the fact that it enables you to tailor every communication precisely to individuals and for specific contexts. You can send messages to hundreds of people or just one, confident that the message you are sending is in the right form to have maximum impact. From simple updates to notifications of new vacancies, invitations to events and notes of thanks for participation, its applications are limitless.

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Benefit number five is that texting is not only fast, direct, adaptable and popular but also cheap. This can make a big difference to any hiring process.

As recruitment software develops, new capabilities will emerge. It pays to keep on top of what is already available, with text messaging already transformative in recruitment.