You’re a brilliant recruitment agency that sent out their GDPR e-mails out.

You continue to remain compliant by using our GDPR module.

But now you wonder – what happened to my candidate after I contacted them about GDPR?

Brilliant news everyone…

We have a brand new GDPR monitor so you can find out what happened next

GDPR Monitor tab - screenshot of recruitment software

The GDPR Monitor tab is located on the far right

Screenshot of GDPR Monitor

GDPR Monitor contains candidate information


Admins can now review what a candidate did when they received an automated GDPR e-mail from you.

You can find out:

  • If the e-mail was sent
  • If they clicked a link in your e-mail
  • What they decided to do

We will only show the last seven days, so make sure you regularly check.

You will see a candidate’s name, so if a candidate was deleted, admins can look them up and find out if they opted out.

It’s your chance to see exactly what your candidate list have done after receiving their automated GDPR e-mail.

Why you need Chameleon-i’s GDPR module

If you’re not using our GDPR module already, then contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Here’s why you need to start using it today:

  • You will remind your database that you exist
  • Candidates can update you with new information on themselves
  • Give your candidates the chance to be forgotten

Chameleon-i will automatically generate two baskets for you:

  1. GDPR Contacts
  2. GDPR Delete Contacts

The first basket will contain candidates that have not been contacted or created over a 5 month period.

Every night the list will update itself, so you can rest easy knowing that we are doing all the hard work for you.

Our free GDPR e-mail template

You can select how ‘old’ the contacts are by using the ‘Last Contacted’ date. Once selected, candidates will be placed in a GDPR basket.

Choose to ‘Activate GDPR Emails’ we will send them an e-mail which you can adjust if necessary.

Don’t forget – GDPR doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Chameleon-i, we are doing everything we can to make it easy for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we’d be happy to help.