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GDPR – What Chameleon-i Is Doing in Readiness

We know that there is a lot of discussion surrounding GDPR, and its potential impact on your business. The changes, penalties and regulations have caused many exaggerated claims to arise and caused significant worry to business owners.

Here at Chameleon-i we are taking our obligations very seriously and are implementing a program that will assist our users in achieving compliance under the new rules, when they come into law on the 25th May 2018. While much of the onus will be on you to fulfil your duties under GDPR, we are doing our very best to make this process easy for all.

Currently, we are taking the following steps:

  • We have initiated a general education campaign over the past three months in our newsletter, Chi’s Tech Tuesday, we have published a weekly article dealing with GDPR – which has included definitions, checklists, myths and general obligations of data processors and data controllers.
  • We are now initiating a weekly email update specifically aimed at the actions our users can take within Chameleon-i to begin cleaning their data in preparation for GDPR D-day. This includes a range of searches that can be run to identify data sets and other administrative tasks that will ensure your data is up to date and accurate.
  • We are currently updating our website and will be including a blog dedicated to GDPR. This will include checklists, guides, definitions etc and advice from the Information Commissioners Office and the GDPR.eu website.
  • Chameleon-i also has a new GDPR compliance module in the final development phase, more details of this will be released shortly.

In the meantime, we do advise our users to make regular checks on the ICO website, this is a particularly useful resource which includes a blog by the Commissioner highlighting certain myths which are being shared and exploited. Don’t forget The ICO will be the body responsible for enforcing GDPR and any other data processing laws within the UK going forward.

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