Getting started with Chameleon-i

1. Start your 30-day free trial

Whether you’re a start-up or an established agency, our 30-day free trial is a great, hassle-free way to see how Chameleon-i can help your agency.

We are here to help, our onboarding team will be on hand to support you throughout the trial and we have produced handy step-by-step guides on how each element of Chameleon-i works.

2. Play with our Test Data or use your own

To help you understand how Chameleon-i works, we have provided you with some test data to play with. Once you are ready to use Chameleon-i, delete the data and import or add your own.

If you are changing from another software supplier, we can assist you with importing your data through our self-service data import templates or our migration service.

3. Get the team involved

As an account administrator, it’s easy for you to set your team members up, don’t worry you won’t be charged during your trial.

  1. Navigate to ‘Admin’ and under Chameleon-i Options, find ‘Chameleon-i User’
  2. Click ‘Order’ and then ‘Confirm Order’
  3. Complete the ‘Personal information form’
  4. Choose user options and then click ‘Finish’ to complete your order

4. Understand Baskets and Tags

Baskets are a great way to organise records, allowing for easy manipulation and bulk actions such as messaging. They are easy to create, as well as simple to find and access.

Tags allow you to mark records with preselected skills, attributes, qualifications – anything that you want to search for, including storing documents. You can also bulk assign tags to save time and improve efficiency.

Baskets and Tags are very useful and can be used in a variety of way depending on your needs, the industry that you’re in or the working practices that your agency deploys.

5. Synchronise your E-mail

Don’t waste time switching between your mail client and CRM. Chameleon-i gives you the freedom to move around, with your diary, inbox, outbox and sent items all synchronised.

Set up Microsoft Exchange synchronisation, inbound e-mail,  Google Mail and calendar synchronisation within Chameleon-i today.

Need help? Contact us to find out how.

6. Take advantage of our Free Training Sessions

On Monday or Thursday every week, learn more about Chameleon-i in our Free Training Sessions.

It’s all online, so you don’t have to leave your desk. Our training sessions are live, so you can ask questions throughout.

7. Temp and Contract options available

As well as our Core featureTemp and Contract options are also available with Chameleon-i.

Discover Chameleon-i today

Our online demonstrations are tailored to you and based on your agency needs. You will be able to discuss your requirements with a Chameleon-i expert and our demonstrations are conducted at a time suitable for you.

If you’ve already had a free demo, or just want to get stuck in with our product, then take our 30-day free trial. It’s a chance for you to discover how Chameleon-i can benefit your recruitment agency.