With email being the primary source of receiving CVs and the diary being vital for consultants to stay on top of their daily tasks, we recognise it is even more important that your email and diary work in parallel with your Chameleon-i account.

We have now made it possible for you to seamlessly track and store all email and diary activity with our Gmail and Google Calendar Synchronisation Module. The Chameleon-i email and diary integrate with Gmail enabling you to track email and diary communications whilst storing them automatically in the associated Candidate or Client record.

In addition, your inbox and sent items mirror each other meaning that mail you send and receive from one system is automatically shown in the other.

If you delete the emails from either it deletes from all mailboxes, but will still be retained and recorded within the client or candidate record in Chameleon-i, providing a full communication audit trail. This will become even more vital as stricter data protection laws come into effect next year.

How to Activate

Simply click the ‘Order’ button from the ‘Company’ tab in your ‘Admin’ panel.
You will be charged £10.00 + VAT per user per calendar month for this module.

Please note prior to purchasing 

In order to utilise our Gmail Synchronisation module, you must have a Gmail account. Chameleon-i does not provide you with a Gmail or Google account. If you choose to purchase Gmail sync it must be activated for all members of your agency and each user must provide unique Google login details.
You can only purchase one of our email module options and this option will apply to all members of your agency. If you are currently running another email service please speak to us before ordering this module.

Chameleon-i stores a copy of your emails in your account – recorded against recognised Client and Candidate records. We do not store attachments automatically, these should be saved if required in the Client or Candidate record. We also make a permanent note that the email has been received or sent in Chameleon-i.