Recruitment today is a highly specialised business-to-business service. Recruitment consultancies come in all shapes and sizes. Some serve a wide, generalised employment market, while others focus on narrow specialism that gives them the competitive benefits of niche expertise.

Whatever the profile of your business, the best decision you can make today in anticipation of growth in both the short and long term is to adopt the very best of modern web based recruitment software.

Technology has transformed the practice and potential of business in the first decades of the century at unprecedented speed. This holds true in recruitment as in any other sector. The opportunities for stream-lining, cost saving, increased effectiveness and greater profitability are immense.

Web based recruitment software as a hiring tool solution

Tech solutions facilitate efficiency in various ways. Consider the hiring process. Traditionally the advertising, interviewing, selection and onboarding phases of recruitment have been cumbersome and slow, demanding a considerable investment of time and human resources. With powerful software you will be able to gather and process both client and candidate data quickly and easily. With AI-based parsing tools you can reduce the time involved in the painstaking assessment of applications and CVs. CRM software such as Chameleon-i, includes Outlook and LinkedIn plug-in which enable automated processing of applications as well as candidate and client records.

Using a web-based CRM system that integrates with the major email providers further improves workflow and communication, creating a seamless flow of correspondence between parties.

With a well-designed and fully flexible solution you will have the freedom to customise the software so that it will respond to your demands. You can configure your search parameters and results, add custom fields, apply tags to candidates, clients, and vacancies alike and build skills tables to suit the preferences of your clients. Adding all this functionality is effortless and will enable you to make your data management swift and intuitive.

Web based recruitment software as an admin solution

The benefits don’t end with the recruitment process either. A sophisticated CRM system makes your own internal management much simpler, removing layers of administration functions previously allocated to employees who could be spending their time much more productively. Automated generation of invoices followed by a foolproof monitoring and follow-up system will improve your cash flow, removing yet another level of labour-intensive manual functions. Greater speed and accuracy combine with lower costs, thereby not only enhancing your company’s profitability but also enabling you to increase significantly the size of client base you can serve.

The organisational capability and operational versatility that web based recruitment software can give your staffing firm will give you an edge over your competitors. When clients new or existing bring you their latest challenge, you can be confident that the power of web-based CRM will enable you to exceed their expectations. Whatever the size of your staffing firm, a web-based CRM system can make a substantial positive difference to your client and candidate service, which is absolutely key to significant continued growth.