Research suggests that over 90% of businesses are using social media recruitment tools to help them identify, attract and recruit the right talent into their organisations. In fact, among hires, 40% of successful candidates came from social routes.

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can become platforms through which employers, recruiters and candidates can directly interact. So how can businesses leverage their own channels for success?

Using social media recruiting tools for branding

Key to success in this field is social network presence, which allows businesses to create a brand which will appeal to candidates. Businesses should choose the platforms that best match their audience and then seek to build their brands on those platforms.

The secret to success here is to have the right content and engagement strategy to reach out to potential candidates and to nurture an engaged pool of interested contacts. Research shows that 96% of job seekers use LinkedIn, 66% use Facebook and 53% use Twitter. Social media recruitment is now used by 66% of companies who have also optimised their social accounts for smartphone use, along with other recruiting tools such as career websites, job postings and applications.

Using social media recruitment tools for success

Here are some steps that all businesses can take to harness the power of social media to improve their recruitment drives.

1. Use social media recruiting tools to screen candidates, and also to present your business to potential applicants, recognising that it is a two way process. Make sure your company pages don’t have poorly controlled posts and comments, social media feeds or unwanted websites.

2. Encourage your existing employees to share positive posts about their achievements, successes, thought leadership etc.

3. Share content that shows your company is a great place to use, using employee advocates that bring it to life with ‘days in the life’ posts and employee profiles.

4. Promote the charitable and volunteering work that you do, recognising that this is valuable to millennial.

5. Post content on LinkedIn, recognising that over 100,000 fresh articles are published from businesses and individuals each week – making it a particularly competitor for professional networks and recruitment.

6. Consider using Instagram Stories to boost your brand. These kinds of social media recruiting tools can make your brand immediate and relevant to your target applicant audience in a fresh new way, showing that you are current and keen to operate in the digital space.

These kinds of social media recruitment tools can also be measured and monitored with the right systems and strategies. An agency can help you to get the most from social media recruitment tools if you don’t have the necessary in-house expertise and support. They can evidence their ROI at every stage, ensuring that your investment in their services really does pay off in terms of quality, regular applicants for your job advertisements.