The journey of candidates through the recruitment process depends upon their continued engagement – from before they even apply through to long after they have made their application. One of the many benefits of recruiting technologies is that they can help facilitate improved engagement, making the overall experience better using recruitment technology to manage relationships between recruiter and candidate.

Harnessing the benefits of recruiting software

CRM, or candidate relationship management, is a major element of recruiting software and a way in which the benefits of recruiting software are leveraged to enhance application engagement. CRM technology can help a company to keep the interest of candidates when in competition with the recruitment campaigns of other organisations in today’s highly competitive job market.

CRM really harnesses the benefits of recruiting software, providing a central data storage location and set of tools that can be used to entice candidates, communicate with them effectively and manage their data in a productive way. The CRM can take care of many aspects of the candidate’s journey, helping nurture the relationship with them using strategies such as email and messaging campaigns designed to maintain their interest.

These email and messaging campaigns can be made more targeted and effective by organising them using segments. This involves segmenting the candidates into groups, based upon any number of metrics that the recruiter might wish to use to classify them. This can help the recruiter to craft communications that will feel more personalised to the candidates, keeping them interested and involved as the recruitment process goes on.

It is also possible to create custom workflows that can provide timely alerts which will help the recruiter to keep track of applicants, following up at set intervals and really helping to keep things on track. Providing reminders to candidates about an action they may be required to make or just about the progress of their application can play a part in holding their interest. This can also be useful in contacting past applicants who may be a good fit for a particular role that has opened, re-engaging them with the application process and making the most of the database of information built up through using recruiting software in the first place.

Collaboration within the recruitment team is important in driving the optimisation of application engagement. A better candidate experience that seems more personalised and smoother can be maintained if all team members are up to date with what is going on with a candidate. Importantly, the data and tools offered by CRM systems can be made available to all members of the recruitment team very quickly and easily; enabling the kind of collaboration required for a positive and seamless candidate journey.

Application engagement and benefits of recruiting software

It is the powerful benefits of candidate relationship management software that really drive application engagement forward. The ability to organise, personalise, track, automate, and communicate to enhance the candidate experience and maintain their interest throughout the recruitment process is significantly increased when utilising recruiting software in this way.