How Application Tracking Systems Can Solve Recruiting Challenges?

  • recruitment applicant tracking system

Also sometimes known as ATS, applicant tracking systems add a level of automation to staffing and recruitment operations via the provision of basic data processing and direct applicant communication capabilities.

recruitment applicant tracking system
In addition to simplifying the process for hiring managers, a recruitment applicant tracking system can completely transform the hiring practices of your organisation for the better. Here are some of the recruitment challenges this type of system can help you to overcome.


The best and most successful hiring processes begin with a foundation of organisation. The ability to gather all the information needed to make the correct decisions is invaluable and will result in consistently more beneficial hiring decisions.

A well-considered and highly organised recruitment framework that also integrates diary and email data is a significant advantage for hiring managers. Not only will decision-makers have a central hub which contains all relevant information about the open vacancies and prospective candidates make the process simpler, but a streamlined interview booking system will ensure that each role is filled with the right candidate as quickly as possible.


Not only can applicant tracking systems automatically post job listings to all key recruitment websites, they can also allow hiring managers to efficiently collate all relevant information on every potential candidate. From analysing CVs and any accompanying information to seeing where in the application journey a prospective candidate currently is, recruiters have a wealth of information, knowledge and statistics at their fingertips.

Applicant tracking software can bring a variety of different forms of data into a single platform, thereby streamlining the decision-making process for hiring managers and facilitating the nurturing of important connections with the best candidates. Recruitment processes always proceed smoothly when both recruiters and candidates know exactly where they are and understand the steps that need to be taken to complete the process.


Analysing your recruitment efforts will highlight the parts of the hiring process that are operating smoothly and flag up any potential pain points that could be refined to further ensure every hiring decision your organisation makes is the correct one. This process simply isn’t possible without access to a variety of data, and applicant tracking software provides easy access to all the information required to undertake this type of analysis.

Key Features of Effective Applicant Tracking Systems

There are several things to look out for when selecting this type of system for your organisation, including comprehensive in-built search capabilities and intuitive communication and calendar integration. Usability is also a critical factor, as all decision makers and admin staff must be able to quickly make sense of the system and find it easy to integrate it into their daily workflow.

At a time when making efficient and accurate hiring decisions is more important than ever before to the overall success of an organisation, applicant tracking systems can both enhance and streamline hiring process, benefiting both businesses and recruiters.

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