Employee Recruitment software brings a multitude of benefits to organisations, even small ones. If your company doesn’t use it, contact a few recruitment software companies and ask for a free trial – you will be pleasantly surprised. Of course, you need to get the specifications right for your organisation, but once you do, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Employee Recruitment Software

Wider, easier reach

When you have to do it manually, you have to enter your advert details on whichever job sites you are going to use. It’s an expensive business and it isn’t always successful. Plus, it’s easy to make mistakes. Recruitment software companies usually have deals with all the main job boards so that you can post for a lower fee. You only enter the details of your role once, on your recruitment software, so as long as you get it right there, it’s always correct.

Another benefit is that your software can, if you have it set up this way, post your job onto LinkedIn, which is a rich source of applicants.

Saves time on the time-consuming tasks

If you have good software, you should be able to paper-sift online, i.e. – saving on printing costs and helping the planet), putting your comments on the system and giving each application a rating. You should then be able to sort which ones are going to be rejected before shortlist – and with a few mouse clicks, you will be able to automatically send a pre-loaded rejection email. (We all know that no one likes being rejected, but at least you are one of the few organisations that has the courtesy to tell people they have been unsuccessful.) You can make your rejection email friendly, to soften the blow, and also explain that you can’t give feedback.

You can also enter the interview time slots for the shortlisted candidate, sending them a pre-loaded email inviting them to choose their preferred time slot, which saves an awful lot of work for your recruitment team or HR person. You have almost recovered the cost of the system already.

Other benefits

Employee recruitment software should make it easy for you to keep a talent pool of applicants that weren’t selected for a particular role but that you think would be a good fit for your company. Of course, you need permission to keep their CVs on file (easily done with this software) and it can only be for a specific time, but it could save you advertising costs.

You can also use the software to produce reports related to recruitment, for example, the diversity breakdown of all applicants, broken down into which stage of the process they get to. Another advantage is that you can check your applications wherever you have your laptop and an internet connection, without needing to carry reams of paper with you. Another cost saving and environmental advantage.