In a rapidly evolving market, attracting and engaging with the right candidates is a continuous and competitive process of increasing challenge; a high frequency of time intensive tasks, often weighted with paperwork, creates a trail that is hard to keep track of, not guaranteed to provide a good candidate experience and which can be inconsistent in winning the best talent.

Recruitment CRM software in the UK: what’s changing?

The landscape of hiring is being transformed by recruitment CRM software; an automated system consolidating processes and technologies, optimised to the specific requirements of the recruitment firms and HR departments implementing them, saving teams time, improving their efficiency and maximising their reach.

As your business pivots and grows, the system can be updated to reflect current direction and strategy; keeping your consultants one step ahead of the competition and keeping your message to the market on beat.

From the outset, your CRM will enable you to schedule and diversify your recruitment campaigns, reaching, attracting and engaging with new talent at times most strategic to the business. By cultivating a recruitment culture with a proactive approach, you’ll have the candidates’ attention at the time that’s right.

Streamlining recruitment processes using software and creating an excellent candidate experience helps to build a strong employer brand. With an organised and candidate-centric approach, a high attraction rate can be converted into a prolific talent pool which can then be nurtured.

Robust automated applicant tracking system (ATS) improve communications internally, enhancing collaboration within recruiting teams and managers, ensuring that all conversations with candidates are relevant, informed and timely. The ability to source correctly qualified applicants at the click of a button and base conversations on existing relationships improves the quality of hire and the rate at which you ultimately onboard.

Data-driven recruitment provides metrics to identify areas of opportunity and improvements; the information held within your software is a significant asset and the analytics can be filtered to efficiently report on this high value information. This can also be a valuable tool when evaluating processes for fairness and utilised intelligently for hiring team training.

Operating on a single platform not only creates an easily accessible knowledge hub, but ensures that this sensitive data is centralised and held securely. Paper-based applications, CVs and reports are a liability mitigated using CRM software.

To Sum Up:

Recruitment CRM software in the UK delivers a competitive edge when attracting new talent. A strong employer brand can be built effectively and consistently, increasing attraction and hire rates. Recruiters, liberated from repetitive admin, can build meaningful relationships with candidates, hiring fast and successfully. A central knowledge hub provides to up to date, relevant information to all key players regarding strategic direction, recruitment briefs and candidates. Sensitive data is held securely and analytical tools can be applied to maximise this asset.