How to Align Candidates by Utilising Tracking Software Systems?

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Recruitment is hard enough for employers, which is why so many engage agencies to find staff for them; however, agencies do not have a magic wand when finding temporary or permanent staff and face the same kind of problems as employers, such as people going sick, not turning up or not being good at the job. What they do have is tracking software.

What do recruitment tracking systems do?

Good recruitment tracking systems align all your candidates and processes so that you can tell exactly where you are at any one time. Whilst it does not take the human side out – the need for recruiters to liaise with employers – it does make the whole tracking process much easier.

In general terms, recruitment tracking software is a bit like an applicant tracking system and candidate relationship management system on speed. It combines all the features of an applicant tracking system – such as job board posting, social media posting, candidate screening, enabling candidates to pick their interview times from a schedule, and bespoke reporting – with a candidate relationship management system to automate the whole process of candidate communication.

recruitment tracking software.


Candidates like these systems because they speed up the process for them. No one likes waiting around and today’s candidates expect the process to be streamlined. Anecdotally, lots of young people do not like speaking on the telephone. These systems remove the need for a lot of this; in fact, candidates probably do not have to speak to anyone until they attend an interview.

Employers and agencies like tracking systems for the following reasons:

– They sort out the CVs. When companies receive hundreds of CVs for jobs, it means that recruiters do not need to read through them all. The system seeks out certain words or phrases that put them in the right pile – yes or no.

– They can help to match candidates to other suitable jobs if they were not selected for the first one. This can make life easier for the employer, since they know the candidate is already interested in working for them, and it usually makes the candidate feel better disposed towards an employer that turned them down for the first role they looked at. This is a win-win situation.


No one who has used one of these systems would doubt that they provide huge benefits and cost savings to employers and recruitment agencies; however, there are some potential downsides. For example, a candidate with the right attitude and experience but who doesn’t write a good CV might be rejected. If a CV is written in a complex way or an unusual font, they can also be rejected.

As with all software packages, recruitment tracking systems work well most of the time, so stick with it.

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