In today’s highly competitive world, access to the finest talent is more important than ever. But it can be extremely challenging for recruiters to deliver a superior service to their clients, especially with the amount of regulation now involved. Where agencies are still operating on legacy systems, this challenge only intensifies, as workflows remain inefficient, process tasks fail to benefit from automation and communication between teams can become hampered.
Simply put, without the right technology, recruitment agencies cannot hope to manage clients in the right way and to find the best talent in the market that will meet client needs – and secure repeat business. This means getting every stage of the process right, from candidate attraction and sourcing through to due diligence and vetting.

How staffing agency software can help

Staffing agency software offers a variety of benefits that can be tailored to each agency and its needs. These include:
– Automatic CV processing, candidate matching, tracking, screening and testing
– Automatic posting of jobs to target job sites
– Automated CV mining and reference checking, with custom reports
– Integrated email and campaign management systems with bulk email, text and other contacts – fully managed and compliant with all necessary opt-in legislation
– Client and vendor management
– Lead generation
– Integrated agency calendars
– Website integration
– Employee management
In short, this type of software can allow you to better manage your entire business from end to end – improving outcomes for clients, candidates, and employees alike.

Integration and cloud deployment

At the same time, these staffing agency software systems are primed to integrate with other existing systems so that there is no duplication or waste. This allows the workflow to optimise across the agency and maximises the value of custom reporting and benefits tracking, along with performance management. For agencies with a real focus on efficiency and productivity, these kinds of systems-led approaches ensure that the right activities can be automated and that consultants can be used for the right value-add activities, rather than wasting their time on activities that can be systems-generated and managed for time efficiencies and fewer errors.
Additionally, by hosting staffing agency software in the cloud, data is protected, the software is constantly updated and the cost of licensing is far more effective on a per-user basis rather than buying individual permanent licenses and deploying software onto individual machines.

Find out more

If you’re yet to experience the benefits of this kind of software, take a free trial now to understand more about the benefits that would be open to your business. These include faster turnaround times for clients, faster hiring, better client experiences, enhanced communication, reduced waste and a higher overall ROI for the agency. The software can also improve your employee experience as it can allow you to better manage performance and to more easily assign commission and performance-related bonus pay for individual results.
Keep your agency ahead of the game and invest in the software that will take it forward today.