Recruitment is challenging in any business, with ensuring you hire the best talent vital for your continued prosperity and growth. In most circumstances, you are likely to be filling a single role or perhaps a handful; however, a radical shift in business conditions, such as a major new contract or an opportunity for investment and expansion, can mean you suddenly need to hire in high volume. Many roles might be permanent but the demands of flexible scalability mean that temporary staff might be an alternative solution; either way, the problems of volume hiring remain.

Temporary Recruitment Agency Software has the answer

Your normal recruitment procedures are not built for this volume, so you urgently need a solution that dramatically simplifies the manual administration required and enables you to schedule large numbers of candidates for interviews at a stroke. The support of an experienced recruitment agency could prove invaluable, as they will be able to offer some very effective tactics to reduce the stress and increase the efficiency of high-volume hiring.

The Key Benefits:

Before you get to the interview stage, it is advisable to conduct pre-hire assessments to screen candidates in or out on the basis of what you identify as the most desirable attributes. Things to consider might include cognitive abilities, personality traits, language skills, learning agility and cultural fit, but every group of vacancies will present its own priorities. Automation is sufficiently advanced for some or all of this exercise to be performed by temporary recruitment agency software.

Once you have settled on a list of interview candidates, you face the major administrative task of scheduling their interviews to make the best use of time and resources while keeping the process as fast and transparent as possible. This is where automation comes into its own, eliminating much of the manual processing involved in checking communications and email chains to fix times and dates and avoiding double-booking and wasted time between appointments.

Alternatively, temporary recruitment agency software can give candidates the facility to self-schedule. This is a simple process after they have completed their initial assessments to access the interview calendar and select one or more appointments. Apart from anything else, this reflects well on your company’s attitude towards digital technology.

Another significant benefit of using temporary recruitment agency software for volume hiring is the way it synchronises the entire process so that the work of a large team of recruiters is fully integrated and every member’s time is being used in a genuinely collaborative way.

Digital recruitment solutions are also very useful in the interview room, as they give you access to all the pre-interview documentation, such as CVs, assessments, social media postings, references and any other relevant information, on one screen.

Volume hiring is a major exercise that can overwhelm even the best-run HR operation. A combination of professional recruitment expertise and digital technology can turn it into a positive and productive experience.