Candidate Relationship Management software, also known as CRM software, is specialised software used by companies who require more out of a recruitment system than just a simple static information system. CRM software systems involve dynamic integrated systems and automation processes, drawing information from a variety of sources. CRM software can be used effectively by recruitment companies to really streamline the whole recruitment process and enable fast deployment of candidates.

Candidate Relationship Management software systems are able to compile information from a range of different communication channels. As well as storing the vital contact details for clients, a CRM software system also includes databases for various kinds of important agency information, such as full applicant information, job histories and applications, details of communications between applicant and client and histories of key meetings. Facilitating contact between the recruiter and third parties such as vendors, affiliates and business partners, a recruitment CRM system can act effectively as a contact management system and these contacts can incorporate a variety of important information that, based on particular attributes, can be categorised and labelled.

CRM software, therefore, streamlines the whole recruitment process as it provides recruitment companies with an easy-to-use and efficient management system to effectively and efficiently accomplish daily tasks.

Recruitment CRM software, communication and relationships

All recruitment companies agree that communication and building relationships is a vital part of the recruitment process. CRM software allows recruiters to track client/candidate interactions and communications and interactions using email integration and automated processes. Because recruitment CRM systems offer recruiters communication solutions and also increase engagement, the experience of the recruitment process is improved for all parties and this can really enhance client relationships. By simplifying and enhancing this aspect, it enables recruiters to place candidates faster.

Recruitment CRM software analytics

CRM software allow records to be edited and provides reports and analytics providing recruiters with the ability to measure recruiting performance. Recruiters have access to in-depth data and are therefore able to do away with inefficient and lengthy processes. They are able to access data promptly which clearly speeds up deployment.

Recruitment CRM software

The clear benefit of cloud-based CRM software systems is the convenience they bring to the process because they can be accessed from anywhere provided there is access to an internet connection. Cloud-based systems are particularly helpful for recruitment as they enable very simple collaboration between different parties, again streamlining and speeding up processes. Cloud-based systems also have clear benefits at time when so many employees are working from home, allowing easy access and providing enhanced security for peace of mind.

CRMs therefore improve communication, collaboration and relationships. By enhancing these aspects it allows a recruitment company to work efficiently and dynamically, keeping them perfectly positioned to place candidates quickly and take on more candidates improving the experience for all parties.