What Is Jobs By E-mail And How Can It Help Me?

Discover how Jobs by E-mail can help your recruitment agency today. Jobs by E-mail is an opt-in service for your candidates to take advantage of, allowing them to be sent relevant applications based on their chosen criteria.

Order this service under the title of ‘Jobs by E-mail’ in the Admin section of Chameleon-i. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Find out how Jobs by E-mail help to speed up the recruitment process and make your life easier today.

What is Jobs by E-mail?

Jobs by E-mail matches candidates to vacancies and sends them job alerts based on their criteria.

Your candidates can subscribe to this service, and they can pinpoint the criteria they are interested in.

Taking the hard work out of contacting candidates, Jobs by E-mail will increase relevant applications so that you can act quickly on every new opportunity.

How does Jobs by E-mail work?

  1. Candidates subscribe to your opt-in service
  2. Candidates then choose the criteria they are interested in
  3. This information is stored against the candidate record within Chameleon-i
  4. Candidates will receive job alerts

Candidates can choose the following preferences when setting up Jobs by E-mail:

  • Sector
  • Location
  • Salary preferences

As an agency, you are able to set up:

  • The frequency of job alerts
  • Who the e-mail is sent from
  • The candidate registration criteria

Once your candidates have opened the job alert e-mail, they can choose to view the job details online.

If they are interested, candidates can use the one-click application feature. This will automatically shortlist them against the vacancy within your recruitment software.

Consultants will be notified by an alert in Chameleon-i, should any applications be made via an alert within Chameleon-i.

Jobs by E-mail can be used on a stand-alone basis, with standard web pages, as part of the service ready for editing via your Content Management System. This can be found under the ‘CMS’ tab in your Admin panel.

How to activate Jobs by E-mail

To activate Jobs by E-mail, please follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Admin section of your recruitment software
  2. Find the Company tab
  3. Order and then click Setup

It’s that easy!

We hope that you understand the benefits of  Jobs by E-mail to your recruitment agency. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help!

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