The jobs market is never less than hugely competitive. Attracting the very best talent is a priority for employers of all types and sizes. The recruitment process has become increasingly sophisticated thanks to the rapid evolution of digital technology but it has not been made any easier. Securing constant access to this vital human resource can be the difference for any company between growth and stagnation. That’s why the wisest business leaders outsource vital aspects of their HR operations. Internal personnel management is important but even the most efficient HR department often needs help filling key vacancies with skilled professionals.

Job Portals Are Everywhere

Recruitment consultancies at every scale know only too well the challenges of their industry and there is fierce competition between agencies to maximise not just the quantity but more importantly, the quality of candidate traffic. Every innovation in the field of recruiting is jumped on and exploited to the full. The online job portal is one of the most powerful tools available to a recruitment consultancy, but since every agency appreciates this, every agency should have one.

The top job portals in the UK have been developed by designers and consultants who recognise the importance of standing out from the crowd. They have invested imagination, time and resources into adding value and creating unique selling points to attract both candidates and employers. Many of the largest companies operate portals of their own, but every recruitment agency needs to have its own.

The availability of smart, versatile, state-of-the-art software for recruitment consultancies means the top job portals in the UK not only enjoy maximum visibility but have provided unprecedented functionality to their clients.

How to Create One of the Top Job Portals in the UK

One of the benefits of a job portal is automation. This applies to clients and candidates. A great job portal performs extremely complex functions but for users on either side, they must be simple to use, fast and intuitive. It should reduce the need for manual entry to an absolute minimum. For candidates, this means giving them the ability to submit and manage their personal profile and to keep it synchronised with your CRM. It also means making the job application process fast and simple, without compromising on the quality of information made available to employers.

A good job portal will include the facility for candidates to subscribe to job alerts, but it must be sophisticated enough to target those job alerts precisely, otherwise, promising candidates will lose confidence in the portal if they start to receive unfiltered or inappropriate notifications. A reputable job portal will also be transparent about its security measures and GDPR compliance. It is handling potentially sensitive personal information and even commercially significant data so its users must feel completely safe when entrusting it with their personal and professional details.

Marketing a job portal to the best talent involves using every modern technique available, including through social media and online advertising. At least as important are online forums and review sites, where the power of recommendation through personal experience speaks volumes.

For clients who are looking to fill important vacancies, the job portal they will be relying on must-have customisable features. The portal may be owned and operated by the recruitment consultants, but in many respects, they should be able to fade into the background and allow the client to take prominence. This is extremely valuable to employers, for whom the portal can then become an extension of their business brand, reflect their culture and identity, and demonstrate their commitment and engagement to the recruitment process.

Specific functions employers will appreciate should include the means for the simple development of job requisitions and approvals, fast and detailed screening processes, management and monitoring tools and multiple methods of sourcing talent. Marketing the portal to employers is essential but you need to be confident that the service you are selling is every bit as impressive as you claim. The software exists to create a job portal that will meet every expectation and revolutionise the recruitment experience. That’s something that will really turn heads.