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Surrey-based Recruitment Software Provider Chameleon-i has partnered with OneUp Sales, a leader in gamified enterprise technologies as it looks to expand the functionality of its cloud-based recruitment software solution.

OneUp Sales utilises the traditional elements of game design mechanics and techniques, applying these to the non-gaming world of recruitment to create an all-in-one activity management solution.

David Egan, Managing Director, Chameleon-i says: “Partnering with OneUp Sales is another step in the evolution of Chameleon-i. The key to our business is helping our customers grow. The OneUp Sales software seamlessly integrates with the data in Chameleon-i and uses this to create a competitive league which encourages performance, engagement and personal development within the customer’s team.”

The Chameleon-i recruitment software has been designed to work as an integrated solution, enabling customers to select additional modules on a pay-as-you-go basis specific to their business needs. OneUp Sales allows for a collaborative approach to business growth by leveraging the data within Chameleon-i to visualise, analyse and optimise goal setting and performance management.

Derry Holt, CEO and co-founder of OneUp Sales, says: “Chameleon-i’s commitment to growing and evolving alongside their customers resonates so well with OneUp Sales that a partnership makes perfect sense. We’re really excited to see the positive impact this partnership has on all parties and look forward to moving forward together”.

Due to the visual nature of the system, users are able to set incentives for individuals and teams, track the performance and impart important information through OneUP TV – electronic screens, which are the next iteration of the whiteboard. The displays are particularly useful for agencies wanting to visualise and display important information within the workplace, as well as leaderboards and team targets. The system is compatible with most screen-based devices and thus optimised for remote workers.

This marks the beginning of a period of new growth and development for Chameleon-i, as it moves to work closely with a diverse range of partners to both optimise and expand its offering while delivering on the company’s promise to help their clients grow.



Chameleon-i is the web-based software solution for recruitment businesses from Remedy HCMS. Built to compliment the way recruitment businesses work, Chameleon-i provides a mobile CRM that is intuitive and automate, enabling agencies to focus on recruitment. Chameleon-i is an independent company and is not affiliated to any recruitment businesses. For more information or to register for a 30-day Free Trial visit

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