What is the Outlook Plugin?

The Outlook Plugin is completely free and allows users to process CVs into your Chameleon-i account through your Microsoft Outlook inbox on a PC.

With this plugin, it’s easier and quicker to add CVs to your database.

What can you do with the Outlook Plugin?

Recruiters can use this plugin to process CVs from attachments in Outlook into Chameleon-i records.

You can use it to create new candidate records or update existing records with up-to-date CVs.

How do I install the Outlook Plugin?

    1. Log-in to your Chameleon-i account, click Help and select the Download Centre option
    2. Locate the Outlook Plugin in the list and click Download
    3. Run through the installation instructions
    4. Enter your Chameleon-i login details in Outlook

Outlook login screenshot

  1. An Auto Record button will be visible in the Outlook toolbar. Select the e-mail attachment you want to process and lick the Auto Rec button.
  2. Check that the details have been parsed (processed) correctly and then create your record.

Once everything has been uploaded, you can view the CV in your Chameleon-i database by:

  • searching for the record
  • or clicking on the parsed CV basket in the candidate section

If you are having problems check out our page on Troubleshooting The Outlook Plugin.


If you have any questions about the Outlook Plugin, please contact us and we’d be happy to answer them.