But what are the pros and cons of mobile recruitment? Can a business rely solely on this software to meet their recruitment needs?

Disadvantages of mobile based recruitment

There are those who may find mobile recruitment to be less personal than face-to-face recruitment agencies. There really is nothing like meeting in person in order to adequately assess whether a candidate is right for a vacancy. However, if recruitment was limited to physical interview, it would limit the business to a very small locality, unable to grow beyond a small geographical area.

Advantages of mobile based recruitment

Effective database searching

When every morsel of information you require for potential candidates is stored on an electronic database, you want to be able to access it as quickly as possible. With the recruitment software accessible at all times by mobile phone, you can use extensive and advanced search options to find the required data and sort it using customisable data grids.

Data integration

Reduce your clicks when inputting data using the software’s data integration, taking information from emails, CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Reduce data input and administrative times to increase productivity. Repetitive tasks will be automated.

Reduce administrative work

Not only can you integrate data from other sources, but with mobile recruitment software, it is possible to reduce the administrative load elsewhere too. There will no longer be any need for copying pasting and uploading into your recruitment database. Important documents like CVs, Contract Schedules and Terms of Business may be significant but they are extremely repetitive. Your staff can use their time for more pressing issues, letting the mobile recruitment software take over the task of creating such mundane documents.

Bulk marketing

Reach more clients in less time with bulk email and SMS messaging, all created through this mobile software. Each email can be personalised to suit each client and industry, while templates can be processed to an aesthetically high standard and full of quality information. Keep clients up-to-date and inform them of any upcoming potential opportunities.

Access to job boards

You can access up to 250 job boards and post client vacancies with just one click. Your ROI can be tracked too. An effective and quick method to advertise and reach out to potential recruits. Positions from all over the world are opened up to the global masses in this way, further enhancing the reach and scope of your business.

Social media exposure

One of the most effective marketing tools is social media. Guaranteeing vacancy views and attracting as many potential candidates as possible, almost every adult has access to social media on their mobile and these posts can complement your own website’s postings to reach an even bigger audience.

With pros outweighing cons by far, mobile based recruitment is a must-have for any reliable recruitment company.