What is recruitment CRM software?

Recruitment CRM software is also known as ‘recruitment candidate relationship management software’. This type of software offers businesses, the ability to store client and candidate information including personal information, job search history, and a record of client/candidate meetings and interactions.

Recruitment CRMs can help your business keep track of dealings with vendors, affiliates and business partners as well as candidates and clients. They offer a range of categorisation options so you can find relevant data quickly.

Recruitment CRM software in the UK

Recruitment CRM software is becoming increasingly popular among UK-based companies. Some of the reasons for the increasing popularity of recruitment CRM software in the UK are the fact that it helps you build better client relationships by keeping data secure, it saves time for all parties involved, and it’s affordable for even small companies.

How secure is recruitment CRM software?
When dealing with recruitment processes, you’ll be dealing with large amounts of personal information including contact details, dates of birth and more. As you’re dealing with personal information, you’ll want to make sure that all this information is stored safely. Recruitment CRM software allows to safely store client details in one easily accessible yet secure place.

How can recruitment CRM software improve communication?

Recruitment CRM software allows you to store all communications in one secure place. This mean you can easily view past correspondence, building relationships and attracting repeat customers.

How can recruitment CRM software save time?

Recruitment CRM software can be an excellent time-saving device for your business. It allows you to streamline recruitment processes. You can store all relevant client information in one easily accessible place, sorting data into easily searchable categories. This functionality allows you to sort through records quickly, finding suitable client profiles and matching candidates with suitable roles.

Is recruitment CRM software affordable?

Chameleon-i offers recruitment software that fits your business’ needs and budget. With core user licenses starting from as little as £40 per month, our recruitment CRM software offers a wide range of functionalities for a low cost. It is secure and effective while remaining affordable.

UK-based companies are increasingly investing in recruitment CRM software. Why not stay one step ahead of the competition by trying Chameleon-i recruitment software? We offer a 30-day free trial with no credit card required, so you don’t need to worry about hidden charges. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

In conclusion, recruitment CRM software in the UK is a growing trend. It’s a worthwhile investment for your company, as it makes sure that your systems are secure and well organised without breaking the bank.