3 Reasons Your Recruitment Emails Are Scary

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You know those innocuous mailshots you send out once you’ve filtered the relevant potential candidates for a new role from your recruitment database? They seem like something it’d be pretty hard to mess up, right? A brief message to the recipient introducing the role, the summarised job description, and then a call to action asking them to get in touch if interested. However, there are some subtle things that can appear in these emails that can put people off either the job, or applying for it through you, that you may not have thought of.
Here are three things you might be doing that are causing your emails to give a bad impression:

‘Apologies If This Is Not Relevant to You’
So, you are sending a mailer out to a fairly diverse bunch of people you’ve found through your own hiring database plus the usual sources like job sites. You think all of these people’s CVs match the role at least closely enough that they won’t find the email annoying, however to be polite, you apologise at the start to the reader in the event that the email isn’t relevant to them. While this is good manners, it actually does a negative thing – it suggests to the reader that you generally spam any old person with your vacancies, and would rather apologise for sending irrelevant emails to some of the people on your mailing list than take the time to accurately target people the job would be interesting to. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter, it makes you seem like you don’t put too much thought into who is included on your recipient lists.

Who Is This From?
Some recruiters don’t pay a lot of attention to how their mails look unopened in the recipient’s inbox. If the mail appears to be from someone you’ve never heard of, and they just have their first name there with the wrong punctuation, you’re going to assume it is some kind of spam, or, if you can tell from the subject line it is about a job, that the recruiter who sent it is sloppy, an idiot, or both. Make sure your name looks professional, and consider including your agency in the name that appears on your outgoing mails (so think ‘Sharon Smith, Agency’ not ‘sharon s’).

Not Enough Contact Information
So, one of your recipients has opened the mail (a win already), read it, and is really interested in the job! Of course, they can reply to the email, but they have some questions and they’d really rather talk on the phone – but you haven’t included all of your contact details on the email signature. These are people you really want to get in touch with you if they are in any way interested, so make it easy for them to do it in a way that suits them. Your email signature should have everything you use for work communication, including any instant messaging, phone, and even your Twitter.

These are things that can set the wrong tone with your mails, so make sure you aren’t creating a negative impression with your first contact!

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