We are pleased to announce the launch of the new dashboard, it sits alongside our new action reporting system and completes the evaluation section of Chameleon-i on-line recruitment software.

The new dashboard provides a complete analysis of actions and activities with the ability set and report against KPI’s, new business, forecast, projected revenue and view actual revenue.

The Dashboard can be viewed on a weekly, monthly, year to date or during a specified time period.

Our new dashboard updates in real time, it is a valuable tool for our clients as it enables analysis on both a company and individual consultant level.  The dashboard also allows users to view their individual performance against target.

Using the new action reporting system it is possible to report on specific activities including Candidate and Client communications, CV’s sent, interviews, placements and many more.

David Egan – Managing Director of Chameleon-i said: “We have been working on this dashboard for a number of months, talking to our clients to help shape what is displayed on the new dashboard.   I think it is a real asset to the Chameleon-i proposition.”

To find more about our reporting tools give us a call on 01483 600370 to arrange a demonstration.