Remedy HCMS Ltd, a provider of online recruitment solutions for the global SME market has announced the latest feature release for Chameleon-i online recruitment software that marks the introduction of drag-and-drop technology into web-based recruitment software in the UK.

Available as a free software enhancement for Chameleon-i users, the feature release was seamlessly introduced and establishes next generation drag-and-drop technology, customisable baskets, faster search and new bulk messaging features that support and enhance recruiters working processes making it quick and convenient to search for and organise contacts and streamline communication.

The latest enhancements allow users to exercise greater control of their data in a genuinely responsive and intuitive environment. Drag-and-drop technology delivers a flexible and satisfying user experience and works in unison with the new customisable baskets providing a convenient and straightforward tool for grouping targeted contacts on the fly for bulk email, SMS or short listing candidates to vacancies. These easy-to-use functions offer a rich user experience that leverages on-demand, web-based recruitment software to rival that of a desktop application.

The feature release is one of several initiatives to further enhance customer experience through innovations in the software and as a result Chameleon-i is quickly emerging as a leader in the web-based recruitment software market. David Egan comments “SaaS products like Chameleon-i are continuing to make significant advances and these latest Web 2.0 features continue to drive productivity while remaining flexible with recruiters working methods”.